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Actual lifespans versus estimated life expectancies

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Updated 2018 02 19, to identify a serious error in a report published by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, a report on aspects of suicides in India. Updated 2019 05 19, to add links to related articles. Actual average lifespans in the United States began to decline in the year 2013 and were still falling in 2016.  Should one not have expected for that to have become front-page news in 2013 and to continue to  be front-page news?  Will President Trump help to make an improvement in that trend?  It is a worthwhile effort.  It seems to be far more valuable to improve the health of his nation … Continue reading

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Stephens Art: Antler carvings and more

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Updated 2019 04 18 Stephen’s Art is by an artist whose work spans antler carvings and much more. Index for Stephen’s Art Antler carvings by Stephen Fish pond and water works in Stephen’s backyard Iron-work by Stephen About Stephen Contact Stephen Stephen’s Art — Antler carvings Stephen will carve per request and make deals (e.g.: accept moose antlers as part of price for carvings). Price for a carving like any of those shown here: Can$350 Contact Stephen Tel: (780) 796-2306 (leave message with your tel.#, if necessary). You can also leave a FB message here. It will be passed on to Stephen. Fish pond and water works in Stephen’s backyard … Continue reading

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