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Renewable energy neither practical nor viable

Last updated 2019 05 14, to add links to related articles. Where and whenever it is possible to connect to the grid, energy generation from renewable energy sources is quite likely not economical, compared to conventional sources of energy feeding into the transmission grid, but it can be and is an excellent source of tax revenue and more yet in secondary taxes.  It cannot produce a good return on investment and requires subsidies to cover the losses it incurs.   People are being frustrated by the relentless push for energy generation from renewable energy sources.  It is becoming more and more apparent that energy generation from renewable source, for no … Continue reading

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Burning the environment to save it

What a weird and wondrous story about saving the environment a detailed investigation of the conversion of the Drax power station to bio-mass fueling (mostly wood chips) would make.  Who is behind that one and who profits the most, the owners, the accountants, the politicians or perhaps the media? Even Wikipedia must be considered to be part of the media. It cannot be trusted to tell the truth on environmental issues.  It does not even mention that Drax is now being partially powered by wood chips imported from places such as the US and produced by mining vast tracts of land for trees (although Wikipedia’s main article on the Drax … Continue reading

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