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That may seem a bit awkward, but it works quite well.  It is the only way I can stay on top of things.  Eliminating hacker attacks is otherwise too time-consuming.

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  1. Alexander


    Hello there. I would like to get in touch with you about a manosphere project I am currently working on. I have spent 1 year on it so far.

    Best regards, Alexander

  2. An example of how censorship against Fathers for Life makes itself felt over time:

  3. Nancy Schneider Belot: Hi. I read the blog above and when I got to the bottom it says “try to leave a comment. I feel very lonely here etc.” I wanted to leave you a comment of support but one must be logged in to post a comment and when I click “Log In” the page that comes up says “the website declined to show this webpage” with the error HTTP403 forbidden. soooooo ….. long story short here’s my comment … keep up the great work and know that your efforts are not in vain. There are many people whose only source of support may be the words on your website and for those you give hope and the ability to carry on. I admire your dedication and efforts to change people thoughts and bring awareness to what goes on in this world.
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    Walter H. Schneider: Nancy Schneider Belot, yes, I am aware of that issue with the 403 error, but the error is not my fault, and I can’t do anything about it until tomorrow [Later today, that is], when I will be speaking with the security department of the host server for the blog. They locked down the blog last Friday (it is still accessible for browsing but not for posting entries or comments) on account of the feminists’ hacker attack last Friday — and then they went home for the weekend.
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    Walter H. Schneider: Nancy, I had a 25-hour day yesterday on account of the feminist hackers, but your words are a shot in the arm. I am a new man now, but still the same old Dad. All our love, Dad and Ruth.
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    Walter H. Schneider: I must add that although direct hacker attacks never were that much of a problem with Fathers for Life and ‘dads & things’, feminist-inspired censorship has been an ongoing problem since 2006 and longer. There are now about 19,000 visits a month to Fathers for Life. That is six percent of the visits (not page views) the website received during the month of October, 2006.
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  4. Comments are being posted on Facebook about the feminist hacker attack.

    I will show some of them. Here is a start:

    Keith Dubois: I’ve know about Joni and her daughter..have knowed for years..a Canadian musician told me sometime in the early 80s.
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    Keith Dubois: Walter could you tell me how long Louise Malenfant has been dead. What a great women.
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    Walter H. Schneider: Yes, Keith, Louise Malenfant passed away in her home, in Calgary, Alberta during the week prior to April 25, 2006. The feminist hacker attack on her web page regarding Joni Mitchell can be said to have occurred exactly, to the day, seven years after her death. Her feminist sisters and brothers always treated her shabbily. She deserves a better memorial than a feminist hacker attack.
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    Keith Dubois: I had no idea that she was a feminist because I seen her go after a few in the media. Lets just say it wasn’t pretty. I was chatting with a few men last year and we were thinking perhaps it would be nice to give some of those long supporters of men who have pass or living some sort of award.
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    Walter H. Schneider Keith, although we all have feminist sisters and brothers, that does not mean that all of us are feminists. Feminism is an acquired malaise, not a genetic handicap. If any sort of feminist, Louise Malenfant was an equity feminist, and I don’t know any of them that are not on the side of men.

    Incidentally, the graphic you see in the upper right-hand corner of the body of that page was one of the targets of the feminist hacker attack. It is again visible for your full enjoyment. It would be a shame if there were only a few copies of it on the Net. SPREAD IT AROUND. There is more safety in numbers.

  5. I cannot post any entries but I can post comments here. The feminist hackers left a loop hole. So, here goes. This is what I posted about the feminist hacker attack, a few hours ago to Facebook:

    At the focus of feminist wrath

    Fathers for Life and its blog, dads & things, have come under another hacker attack, apparently motivated, executed or paid for by feminists, just going by what web pages and graphics were targeted.

    Not much damage was done. I just lost a bit of sleep over it last night, necessary to make the required corrections.

    As with the first attack in March, this one, too, has a good side to it. The nature of the graphics targeted in the attack makes it clear that feminism is not for women but very much against women. The targeted web pages and graphics will provide incentive to motivate me for months of writing about what the feminist hackers like least about the information presented at F4L. Here is a short excerpt from the list of items that were targeted:

    (Note: I would have made a web page or a blog entry out of this, but for now I would rather not make any uploads to F4L, and I can’t post any blog entries to ‘dads & things’ until sometime tomorrow. The blog is locked right now due to the April 19 hacker attack. For now it is safer that way, but both and are accessible for browsing.)

    1.) A photo of Canadian Senator Anne C. Cools (Liberal):

    2.) A photo of Louise Malenfant, head of Parents Helping Parents (deceased April 2006, just about exactly seven years ago to that day, counting from the day of the hacker attack — a fitting memorial service? Her memory deserves better.):
    Details: Louise represented parents of both sexes but mostly fathers in court, parents whose children were — due to false allegations — apprehended by the state.

    3.) A photo of singer Joni Mitchell and her daughter, Kilauren Gibb:

    4.) ‘Gossip’, a photo of three budding ‘Destinies’ (a.k.a. The Three Parses in Ancient Greek mythology, or as The Three Nornes, the fates in Norse mythology):

    5.) A copy of a water-color depicting a military cemetery with poppies growing amongst “crosses, row on row”:

    6.) The GIF file for the ‘O2/ Symantec Recognition Award’ for Fathers for Life and its blogs:
    Details: In the upper right-hand corner of screen, see the stamp “CENSORED” and follow the links of the graphic and its description.

    and many more….As I stated, motivation for months of writing, all the more so because the people behind the hackers hate what I write.

    No, the people attacking Fathers for Life and its blogs are not for either women or men. They are against both. They want to destroy society. They are vandals, terrorists. However, no matter what they do, my wife and I will be that much more determined to present the truth. We will not be bullied.

  6. It is possible for anyone who is presently logged in to dads & things to leave comments here.

    Unfortunately, that will not help those who must log-in before they wish to comment.

    The log-in routine has fallen victim to the feminist hacker attack on Friday, but it will be repaired later today, after I have spoken to the security department of the host server for the blog.

    I will try to post a more detailed account of the feminist hacker attack, by posting an entry. Check the Home page.

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