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Google Chrome vs Firefox

After having used Google Chrome for a few years, switching back to Firefox made surfing the Net again enjoyable. For many years I had been using Firefox and then switched to Google Chrome for my browser. It escaped my memory why I did so, but at the time I was not sorry that I did. A few years went by…. Google Chrome had a few glitches that I tried to address and spent quite a few days with trying to solve them, unsuccessfully. Here are some of the most prominent: Google Chrome changed the colour scheme of my browser display to something other than the default I was quite happy … Continue reading

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Tips and Notes

Tips and Notes —This page is intended for those who wish to leave tips and notes for dads&things, but the blog is closed for comment at the moment.  If you have anything that you feel needs to be published here, get in touch with Dads & Things @ Facebook.  A response will not necessarily follow instantaneously, but will happen in short order. Keep in mind that the same rules apply there as do here. For URLs, make sure that you just copy and paste them as simple character strings.  Do not use any HTML tags for URLs. Do not post complete news articles.  Usually the headline, a pertinent quote of concern, … Continue reading

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URGENT — A call to action for the WUWT community

URGENT —A call to action for the WUWT community –  This is an archived article. Posted on September 18, 2010 by Anthony Watts I need your help, they need your help. Please read this whole story and consider if you can help. WUWT readers may recall this story: Death of a Feedlot Operator In which the anal-retentive government of West Australia has ‘licensed’ a family farm out of operation due to some shonky science and arbitrary application of the ‘sniff test’. Yes that’s right, cattle farms smell, so do pig farms, as does any farm. But now it’s reason to shut one out due to baseless complaints from the local greens. … Continue reading

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A letter of thanks

A few days ago I sent out a list of links to recent posts at Dads & Things, and then I received a letter of thanks. On 15/09/2010 11:15 AM, Samuel M. Polhamus wrote back and stated: Dear Walter, Thank you for sending these articles out. I still am, and always will be, forever indebted to the contributions you’ve made for fathers and the rights of them and their children. Yes, as a political force to be reasoned with, we’re still fragmented and ineffectual. Yes, I agree, what our government does with our children once they are able to get their hands on them through the family courts is as … Continue reading

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Commenting at this blog is disabled

Note 2019 02 12: Commenting at this blog is closed and will remain closed.  I looked for ways to get commenting going again and failed to find any means by which it can be restored.  I have neither the time nor the funds that will permit me to get put commenting back into operation. As stated previously,  I can be reached at Facebook. I may not respond immediately but will try.  If you wish to have something posted at the blog that should be seen by others. send it to my FB address, but make sure to follow the blog rules that apply there as well as here. — Walter Note 2018 … Continue reading

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Wanting a normal, stable, heterosexual relationship

Wanting a normal, stable, heterosexual relationship [Name not shown] wrote: Hey my name is [not shown] and I just wanted to thank you for your website. I only recently discovered it and I’m happy and proud there are people out there who are trying to redeem something from this crap we’re in as men. I’m only 19 years old but I already see how we’ve been sold a lie and everything normal and stable is being destroyed. Unlike most guys I know and see, I want a partner and family sometime in the near future, but I find it difficult and frustrating when I go out and see amongst the … Continue reading

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