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Bill Warner, Director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, estimates that Islamic jihad (“holy war” [for the conversion of all of the world to Islam]), over the course of its history, has been responsible for the deaths of approximately 270 million non-Muslims around the world. That figure takes into account the following:

Africans: The eminent scholar Thomas Sowell estimates that 11 million slaves were shipped across the Atlantic and 14 million others were sent to the Islamic nations of North Africa and the Middle East. Moreover, the famous explorer and medical missionary David Livingstone estimated that for every slave who reached his or her intended destination, five others were either killed in the initial raid, or died from illness or privation during the forced march or transport that followed. All told, for the 25 million slaves delivered to the market, there were probably 120 million collateral deaths. Muslims controlled the entire wholesale slave trade in Africa….” More: The Toll of Jihad around the World

Roman Warm Period : Timeline and Decline

Updated 2019 01 01: Format corrections for entries pertaining to years 558 and 559 The Roman Warm Period covered the interval from about 250 BC to about 400 AD.  It had helped to bring the Roman Empire to its apex, when the City of Rome had about one million residents.  The might, size and wealth of the Roman Empire declined when the Roman Warm Period came to an end.  The decline of the Roman Empire can be discerned in the trend of the size of the population of the City of Rome over time.(The decline or shrinking of the population of the City of Rome happened within the context of decline and … Continue reading

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Islamic migration impervious to Church property court battles

Islamic migration is not affected by a developing Bruderheim Moravian Church property court battle.  That battle is only a small part of a far greater problem, globally  The fundamental causes that led to that court battle are but a small part of far greater, global problem causes, collectively. Those fundamental causes are all-pervasive and happen in many thousands of localities in the developed nations.  Their consequences now motivate the western leaders to give a helping hand to Islamic migrants, making the people that are to be augmented or replaced through Islamic migration foot the bill. The birth dearth and ideological disagreements cause problems Christian communities, plagued by low birth rates, … Continue reading

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The Pillars of Islam – How many there are depends

Updated 2019 04 18 The number of the Pillars of Islam depends on which faction of Islam the Pillars relate to. The Four Pillars of Islam (Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi) What Are the Five Pillars of Islam? Six Pillars of Islam The Seven Pillars of Islam: The Esoterics of Walayah Ten Pillars of Islam Those are very real differences in the number of Pillars of Islam. The differences cause the ongoing tensions and strife between various factions of Islam. The most important difference is perhaps whether a given faction of Islam considers the obligation to include or exclude the Pillar of Islam that pertains to the importance of the Jihad. … Continue reading

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The genocide of the Peoples of Europe

According to a report published in January 2000 by the population division of the United Nations in New York, under the title “Immigration replacement: A solution to declining and aging population,” Europe will need to accept 159,000,000 Islamic migrants by 2025. Source: “The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe“ (h/t to Waldemar Fettke) Thereby Europe will be forced into accepting and funding is own genocide.  It is perhaps not so important to focus on the individuals responsible to make all of that work out as intended, as it is to consider the master plan that drives the intentions of the genocide of the peoples of Europe. … Continue reading

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Britain capitulates to Islamic terror, U.K. 2009 02 11 Britain capitulates to terror By Melanie Phillips If anyone had doubted the extent to which Britain has capitulated to Islamic terror, the banning of Geert Wilders a few hours ago should surely open their eyes. Wilders, the Dutch member of parliament who had made an uncompromising stand against the Koranic sources of Islamist extremism and violence, was due to give a screening of Fitna, his film on this subject, at the House of Lords on Thursday. This meeting had been postponed after Lord Ahmed had previously threatened the House of Lords authorities that he would bring a force of 10,000 Muslims to lay siege to … Continue reading

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Movie Fitna – Opposing Islamic Terrorism

On Thursday, 2008 03 27, Geert Wilders, Member of the Parliament in Holland, posted his movie Fitna, a short film of about 12 minute duration, on YouTube. Geert Wilders’ movie and his action of posting it on the Internet received of course much criticism from moderate and politically correct individuals and even from extremist left-wing radicals.  The criticism is directed at what his opponents consider to be an anti-Islamic stance.  That sort of criticism is misdirected, but we have not yet seen the last of it. There is little in the movie that is critical of all of Islam, but there is much in the movie that is extremely critical … Continue reading

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