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SEO important web page ranking experiences

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important SEO is important for anyone who runs a website or a blog.  Blogs are websites, too. Read this commentary, and decide if you should worry about SEO. Believe it or not, I set out to make this a short article, but that was difficult.  It relates to a complex issue: How to influence people, many people, through using the Internet.  It also relates to some things that make it difficult to achieve that.  I dropped the fleeting thought of keeping it short.  By the way, SEO is a misnomer. It is not the optimizing of search engines but the optimizing of web pages, so … Continue reading

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dads&things now smartphone-friendly

I did what needed to be done to make dads&things smartphone-friendly.  It was not the most important thing on my mind, for far too long.  It should have been long ago. dads&things is now smartphone friendly. Enjoy! One of the many things that causes a search-engine provider like Google to give a website or a web page a low rank is if web pages are not smartphone-friendly.  Google themselves told me that, when I contacted them to find out why the traffic volume to my website had dropped of by one-third, overnight.  There is a good solution for that now. I must work on it for a while to make it … Continue reading

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Fidelbogen is back in action

Fidelbogen is back in action.  Luigi Logan, a.k.a. Fidelbogen or Antonio Estacado, is a grizzled and scarred veteran of the defensive action in the war of feminism against mankind.  Please, consider becoming a FB friend of his. More at Luigi’s blog: The author, Luigi Logan, needs FB friends. Do your best. Here is a taste of Fidelbogen: Saturday, January 27, 2018A Walk Down Memory Lane The Counter-Feminist blog had a good run from 2006 to 2014. It is now a terminated project, but survives as a kind of museum piece, or nostalgia piece. Most of the nearly  2000 posts have been reverted to draft mode. The canonical, lengthier ones have … Continue reading

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Canadian battered men shelters – long history of failures

Update 2018 08 22: Added links to related articles Canadian battered men shelters – Long history of failures brought Earl Silverman to the end of a rope. Earl Silverman was a Calgary man who had been a battered husband.  He had for many years tried to create a battered men shelter for men like he, men who have to suffer from the emotional and physical abuse by their wives without any help and support from anyone, without a place to go to, to take their children, to be able to escape the constant and serious abuse by their wives and the mothers of their children. Earl failed in his attempt, … Continue reading

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Corporate censorship of pro-male HR websites

Corporate censorship of pro-male human-rights websites Some people seem to think that the censorship directed against Fathers for Life, its affiliated blog, and against my other websites (the latter being community oriented), involves someone taking them down.  That needs to be clarified. Nothing has been taken down. There are two (perhaps more) insidious methods that are being used to censor Fathers for Life and its affiliated blogs, but the problem extends far beyond Fathers for Life (more about that farther down). Filtering and blocking such as that being done at the present (and who knows for how long that has been going on) by O2 (a major, European, multinational communications … Continue reading

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Recent history: New Dads, Old Dads

Last Update 2018 08 22: Fixed broken links Recent history: The New Dads — Quotes from a 1997 speech by Judy Anderson, plus a few observations about the NSPA conference in Toronto The quotes in the following are from a transcript of a portion of a speech given by Judy Anderson, President of REAL Women of Canada,* at the NSPA (National Shared Parenting Association) conference at Metro Hall in Toronto, May 26, 1997. (* Obviously, detractors of REAL Women of Canada have managed to get their website a rating of “Dangerous”. My virus checker tells me so, but I asked the producers of the antivirus software to review that rating.) The … Continue reading

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Dads & Things fully functional again

Dads & Things is fully functional again.  After close to two weeks of migrating the data at Dads & Things to  a much-needed, up-to-date version of WordPress, Dads & Things is now back in full operation,  I will try to re-enable commenting as soon as I am finished writing this update. For as long as Dads & Things had existed, it was never possible to employ spam-prevention measures that do operate on WordPress blogs elsewhere.  Spam at Dads & Things (and most likely many others blogs operated on the same host server) became so severe and so threatening that I had no choice but to prohibit commenting. I now have … Continue reading

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Dr. Warren Farrell: Making a $50 Contribution

Last updated 2019 04 25 Dr. Warren Farrell: Making a $50 Contribution I was a bit late with opening my e-mail, but I got a pleasant surprise when I did, a message from Dr. Warren Farrell.  It turned out to be something different, an offer of $5 for  every one of ten names and e-mail addresses of purchasers of one of his books.   Dear Fathers for Life, As you know, I’ve listed you on my web site for years to let people who know of me also know of you. Father and Child Reunion has just become available as an e-book via Amazon’s Kindle. I’ve been touched to hear … Continue reading

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Research on Domestic Violence against Men

Updated 2018 09 16 Research on Domestic Violence against Men is much needed. Unfortunately, this posting is only for record purposes. The search facility by announced here no longer functions. However, if you are looking for research information relating to DV, the web page that the following link leads to still points to a wealth of information on DV-related research. A search facility has been installed at the Family-Violence Index Page of Fathers for Life, courtesy Also by courtesy of, at the end of the links in the left side-bar menu on the Family-Violence Index Page of Fathers for Life, there is now a widget that will let … Continue reading

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The trouble with spousal murder statistics

Updated 2019 05 02, to add links to related articles, and to add a note about the state of the main website at fathersforlife. The trouble with spousal murder statistics — Plus, how to use the site-specific search feature at the website of Fathers for Life. It can …be safely said that accuracy in reporting of murder statistics is considered to be less important than the accuracy required in tracking the expenditure of a single cent. Today someone asked about the discrepancies between the reported numbers of spousal murders of men as identified by police forces and the numbers of convictions for spousal murders of men. In my response I explained … Continue reading

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