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Female innocence is what media and courts say it is

Adele Horin is a feminist who writes about female innocence. The Australian Advocate should not be so hard on Adele Horin. The editors of the Sydney Morning Herald she writes for obviously feel that she is doing a good job, or else she could not have been a media award winner. Adele Horin is just trying to make a living and delivers in her articles nothing more than what her editors expect of her. “Adele Horin, writer for the Sydney Morning Herald, is no stranger to the trappings of wish-fulfilment journalism. For many journalists, you see what you need to see, and in the case of Adele Horin, men are … Continue reading

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Why suddenly outrage over touching by Sen. Biden ?

Updated 2019 04 09: to add pertinent comments on and links to information on VAWA. No one should be eager to participate in the campaign of outrage, disdain, scorn and outright deprecation against touching by Sen. Joe Biden.  The largely hysterical reactions against him in the aftermath of the #MeToo movement address nothing criminal, as far as anyone has determined, so far.  It does not seem likely that anything worse than that will surface. The curious aspect of the media’s overreaction is that, if Sen. Joe Biden did anything that warrants the media feeding frenzy now, what is it that triggered it?  Is there anything at all in what accusers … Continue reading

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Web Pages : Page Rank vs Page Reach – SEO

This is Part 4 of Web page ranking and search engine optimization : SEO Updates: 2019 03 31: to provide information and links to source of information on numbers of backlinks linking to 2019 04 18: to add link to Part 5. Web pages, page rank, page reach, web rank, canonical tags, organic search returns and more strange expressions are becoming ever more important in the billion-dollar SEO industry, and an industry the SEO business grew into.  Web page popularity, more commonly called page reach, is deemed of lesser importance and not stressed that much. For example, What Is a Canonical Tag and How Can It Help Your SEO? Do … Continue reading

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Conundrum : SEO rising Traffic falling Web Rank

This is Part 3 of an examination of Web page ranking and search engine optimization (SEO). The conundrum of SEO, increasing traffic and declining web rank caused me to send out a help request (SEO: search engine optimization). That opened a Pandora’s box.  With that help request, I posted  a graph that illustrates the nature of the problem.  The following is a more recent version of that graph. That  Google Analytics for WordPress had all along shown only a tiny fraction, only about 2%, of the actual daily page views that the host server indicated per its version of Google Analytics data did not bother me so much. Nor did … Continue reading

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Facebook prevents posting of comments

Update 2019 03 28: The inability to post comments to Facebook has been resolved. On 2019 03 27 I experienced that Facebook prevents comment posting.  It does not appear due to ill will.  Some would consider it a glitch, even though the problems began in the morning and still existed at night.  One was the inability to view comments that were posted (at least the originators, someone else and I, thought so), and the other was, perhaps, but not obviously, the inability to posts comments. I will just publish some examples here and keep doing so, until the problems get resolved.  It would be a shame, having tried to put … Continue reading

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Google Analytics web stats : Fraudulent or just seriously wrong

Part 2 of Web page ranking and search engine optimization : SEO Google Analytics web stats may be fraudulent, or they could be just seriously wrong by accident.  I will explain in this what I mean by that, based on some impressions I gained during close to two years of search engine optimization that is coming to the close. No outsider can figure out why or how Google does things to come up with web- or site-stats that are as terribly wrong as those illustrated in the graphs shown next, a little farther down.  Keep in mind that, as I explained in the first part of this write-up, in July … Continue reading

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Sex War a misnomer

Updated 2019 03 12 You’ve got to break a few eggs when making omelets. (1)  The revolution devours its own children. (2) Lately I noticed that some discussions are turning to the revival of the topic of the so-called “sex war” (a.k.a. gender war). It is curious why anyone should wish to make the attempt. It will be difficult to revive interest in the topic, given that the public appears to have tired of it, but should it be a growing concern? “Sex war” or “Gender War” are not only inexact terms, they are far from close enough to be accurate or even appropriate. “Sex war” or “Gender War” implies … Continue reading

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More Guns Less Crime

Update 2019 02 22: Added link to What do all school shooters have in common? More guns less crime is, at first glance, a non sequitur.  John Stossel produced and published a video that debunks the myth that mass shootings are far more common in the United States than they are anywhere else in the world.  He identifies that more guns will in fact reduce crime. (The link to the video that is supposed to be displayed here may take some time to load.  Refreshing the page may make it load faster the second time. If you are impatient, click on this link to an alternative copy of the YouTube … Continue reading

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Social media campaign for Cyntoia Brown

Updated 2019 03 10 Somen launched a social media campaign for Cyntoia Brown. Anyone who has not heard of Cyntoia Brown, lately, is probably not active on any of the social media, but who needs justice, law and order, when the will of the mob will be a much more liked substitute? I use Facebook. Yesterday, the trickle of Facebook notifications clamoring to have Cyntoia Brown treated lightly, that I had been receiving during the last few days, increased to a flood. A lot of people wanted to get my attention that I had been doing my best not to give. Someone had launched a I knew nothing about Cyntoia … Continue reading

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Islamic Rape of Europe : Hyperbole? Justified Claim?

Update 2018 11 29: Appended links to related interviews by Ezra Levant The Islamic Rape of Europe is an exaggeration, but it became a world-wide concern after numerous instances of sexual groping of women on New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany.  What is the truth?  Are the growing public concerns over increasing numbers of rapes and other violent crimes by immigrants in Europe justified?  Perhaps. No link was identified with that image. The claim that the image on the magazine cover is exploding across Europe is at best an exaggeration, if not outright hype.  If such an explosion were happening, we would most certainly notice it being mentioned in the … Continue reading

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