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High-school reunion

High-school reunion Mary, Betty and Cathy were in their seventies and met at a high-school reunion, the first one they happened to attend since they had graduated. “So, Mary,” said Betty, “you were the one we had figured would be the very first of us to get married.  How did you make out?”  To which Mary replied, “Well, no.  I never did get married. I never did find my prince-charming. How about you, Betty?” Betty told her friends that she had married, but that – unfortunately – her husband had passed on, “However,” she said “I still love him dearly, visit his grave on a daily basis, weed it, make … Continue reading

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Hell is real if we try. Be careful what you ask for.

Last update: 2018 09 30 Hell is real if we try.  Be careful what you ask for. A young lady came home from a date, rather sad. She told her mother, “Jeff proposed to me, an hour ago.” “Then why are you so sad?” her mother asked. “Because he also told me he was an atheist. Mom, he doesn’t even believe there’s a hell.” Her mother replied, “Marry him anyway. Between the two of us, we’ll show him how wrong he is about there being no hell.” #Humour #HellCanBeReal See also: High-school reunion … a time to die Survived by his wife ‘Bad Dog!’ – A Political Satire THE INTERNATIONAL MALE … Continue reading

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… a time to die

… a time to die The following story is one of many my Aunt Thekla, oldest sister of my Dad, told when I was old enough to appreciate some of her experiences as co-owner of the vintner-supply business she ran with her husband in the Ahr Valley, in Ahrweiler, Germany, a region known for producing good red wines. The old vintner, Henry, had finally come to the end of his days.  He had grown his vines, tended to them, growing and harvesting the grapes, squeezing every single one of them, so not a drop of must would be wasted. Henry had quite literally worked his heart out, producing some of … Continue reading

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Survived by his wife

Updated 2019 05 09, to add links to related articles. Survived by his wife is the topic of a video by comedian Alan King. You may wish to skip all of this commentary.  Nevertheless, do yourself the favour of getting a good belly laugh by watching comedian Alan King’s Survived by his wife (thanks to Allan Chinnery for that link). Last Saturday Ruth and I went to the celebration of her aunt Jenny’s 100th birthday.  Aunt Jenny survived her husband by 33 years.  He had passed away in 1977, at age 71. All of that anecdotal evidence would not stand up in a court of law, but the following excerpt … Continue reading

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In praise of older women

Today someone sent me some sort of statement, ‘In praise of older women’ (I received it a number of times already), falsely alleged to have been composed by Andy Rooney. I wrote to her: Claire, No, anyone searching his memory for a 60-minutes program in which he did say that will search in vain.  It was not Andy Rooney who said or wrote it. Here is the truth about that one:  [You can find the whole piece she sent at that link.] As you can see at his website, the true originator of it, Frank Kaiser, did not say the gross parts of it either.  Which proves that one … Continue reading

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Male Power?

Male Power? Why is changing a light bulb always a guy’s job? Because women have more important things to do – like making men feel useful and important by giving them things to do, like changing light bulbs. How many divorced men does it take to change a light bulb? None. They never get the house anyway. — Edmonton Journal, 2007 08 28, p. B2, Venting (more at Online Extras – Venting) It will take quite some time yet, however, before a majority of society gets Warren Farrell’s message expressed in the following. One of the fascinating parts about men is our tendency to subject ourselves to war, physical … Continue reading

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Newborn child found in barn

Udated 2018 12 25 What if the first Christmas would have happened now and not two-thousand years ago? Newborn child found in barn – Police and Youth Welfare Office investigate A Nazareth carpenter and an under-aged mother in temporary custody [Original source and author unknown *] [WPA] BETHLEHEM, Palestine: In the early morning hours, a concerned citizen alarmed officials. He had discovered a young family that were squatters in a barn. When they arrived on the scene, Social Services workers, supported by police officers, found a newborn infant whom his barely 14-year-old mother, a certain Mary H., from Nazareth, Israel, had swaddled in strips of cloth and put to sleep … Continue reading

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Bad Dog ! – A Political Satire

Updated 2019 02 09: Added links to related articles. ‘Bad Dog!’ – A Political Satire By Henry Makow PhD6-24-8 A new session of the Seventeenth District Human Rights Tribunal of the Feminist Soviet of Canada is set to begin. Ms. Rutherford- Armstrong is the Prosecutor. The Judge is Madam Chegundi Tsunami, a woman of color. The Defendant is Henry Makow of Winnipeg, white male. Rutherford-Armstrong: “Mr. Makow– At 10.25 a.m. on May 22, 2008 at the corner of Maple and Higgins, you were overheard to utter the words, “bad dog” to your pet. How do you plead?” Makow: “Guilty with an explanation, Madame. ” Rutherford: “And what is your … Continue reading

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The Three Stages of a Man’s Life

Updated 2019 02 14 The Three Stages of a Man’s Life PG-Rated — Pictures requiring no words. I am in the process of verifying links and fixing those that need to be fixed. There is a curious thing about that effort.  I cannot escape the impression that the allegedly immutable Internet Archive fails to keep archival copies of files, but the deletions appear to be biased.  Things that show men in a bad light are more likely to be kept archived than things that do the same with women.  Similarly, conservative news appear less likely to remain in the Internet Archive than things of a liberal bent. So, to be on … Continue reading

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