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Children of divorce more prone to strokes as adults: Study

Updated 2018 09 17: Added links to related articles Children of divorce more prone to strokes as adults. Study of more than 13,000 adults in Manitoba and Saskatchewan found that those whose parents divorced when they were children had twice the odds of having a stroke at some time in their lives. h/t to Gord Balik: By Sharon Kirkey, Postmedia News November 22, 2010 Comments (3) Divorcing parents usually worry about the long-term emotional impact their split could have on the kids, but new research suggests there may be a physical fallout, too. The Canadian research suggests the children of divorce may be at a higher risk of stroke in … Continue reading

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Marriage vs Single-Parenting

Updated 2019 05 01, to add links to related articles. As to Marriage vs Single-Parenting, it seems that Brittany, who sent the comments shown farther down, has very strong opinions on the merits of marriage or lack thereof.  She sent a follow-up comment after I wrote back to her, and she may have more to say, for that reason I began two new categories, so that she will have a place to post her comments. Brittany began by commenting on a few different subjects covered at the website of Fathers for Life, without pointing to specific quotes on particular web pages that her comments pertained to.  Such comments cannot be … Continue reading

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How feminism causes unhappiness, misery

Updated 2018 12 21: Repaired broken link to Library of Congress (B.V. Hubbard, 1915) It seems to me that many men who are presently unhappy for a variety of reasons have only vague notions that some of their unhappiness at work, at home or in the courts, is caused by discrimination and anti-male sexism fostered by feminism. In essence, the reason for their dissatisfaction is that, throughout the world, feminism causes unhappiness. Modern feminism came about to make women happy.  It gained much popularity and support on account of that premise.  For much of the ten-thousand years of the existence of civilization (and probably for much longer before that), mankind’s … Continue reading

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