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Rising sea levels could wipe entire nations off face of Earth

Updated 2019 03 10 10:58, to install link to FB discussion thread. Fake news are easy to come by, even from ‘reputable’ news agencies, but give a little. Predictions are hard, especially about the future.  If you have not done any worrying, today, you may wish to read the AP article identified by the following link and be off to a good start. Thirty years went by since the publishing of the article, June 29, 1989. If you never yet worried much about anything mentioned in the article, isn’t it high time that you begin to worry? UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could … Continue reading

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The correct temperature for Bruderheim please stand up

Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada, has no official weather station. As far as I know, it does not even have an unofficial weather station that provides temperature readings that any published temperature values for Bruderheim are based on. Temperature values published by any single weather app on offer are derived from extrapolations made from surrounding weather stations. Of course, the problems with widely varying temperature readings or calculated values may not exist where you live.  Still, it would be a good idea if you were to go through an exercize such as the one that I describe in this.  This is not the first time I tried to do it for Bruderheim.  … Continue reading

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Social Justice Warriors lack Objectivity, Knowledge

If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts. —Camille Paglia, in Sexual Personae When self-respecting social justice warriors (SJWs) wish to deprecate social conditions in the past, they never measure them by the social standards and circumstances that prevailed then. SJWs look at things the politically correct way. They: Always measure the past in terms of today’s social standards, in terms of victims of oppression and of oppressors, as otherwise they would make an objective assessment of how things were; By no means ever mention – let alone give credit to – those who did the most to make it possible to … Continue reading

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2017 — Most popular posts at dads&things

dads&things had a total of 15,138 views of postings in 2017.  Here is a list of the 11 most popular posts and their links. FACTS EVERY ONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT DESERTION Posted on September 7, 2010 by Walter Schneider Guest post by Roger Eldridge, National Mens Council of Ireland Indian men’s suicides reached epidemic proportions Posted on June 21, 2017 by Walter Schneider Violence: A crime most often committed by women Posted on August 2, 2008 by Walter Schneider Fathers rights organizations in Winnipeg, Manitoba Posted on September 23, 2008 by Walter Schneider Second World War – Bombing of the German Cities Posted on May 8, 2015 by Walter Schneider Albanien: Schwurjungfrauen entsagtem dem Sex und übernahmen die Rolle des Mannes Posted on June 29, 2008 by Walter Schneider … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming? Aliens?

The belief that there is Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) is far more widely spread than the one that there is extraterrestrial life.  Yet, neither belief has ever been corroborated by science, for which reason both are beliefs, not absolute knowledge. “Aliens Cause Global Warming” “My topic today sounds humorous but unfortunately I am serious. I am going to argue that extraterrestrials lie behind global warming. Or to speak more precisely, I will argue that a belief in extraterrestrials has paved the way, in a progression of steps, to a belief in global warming.” — Michael Crichton; Caltech Michelin Lecture, January 17, 2003 A search for “Fifty percent of Americans already believe … Continue reading

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CO2 emitted at a high rate by soil

Concerned about increases in atmospheric CO2? Read this description of an interesting experiment and its fascinating result. Soil does produce a lot of CO2.  Check it out. Interestingly, the URL for the comment by Jerry Henson, August 18, 2017 at 10:20 am, that describes the experiment for measuring CO2 emitted by soil cannot be found by Facebook, but, just in case it should work for you, here is the URL for Jerry Henson’s comment: I have no problem with accessing Jerry Hanson’s comment via that URL.  The problem I have is that FB does not permit me to post a comment that contains the URL for either that comment … Continue reading

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Wind turbines are truly “green”?

Index Wind-farm trouble in Ontario Wind turbines produce problems. Energy generation from wind has serious ups and downs, in Germany, in all of Europe. Wind-farm trouble in Ontario Anyone who is expecting the construction of wind turbines in their neighbourhood may wish to watch this video. It is likely that the video will tell everything one needs to know, to learn that “green” is not a very enjoyable experience for many people who suffer on account of wind turbines near them, that it is not even “green.” See for example the section that presents data on what environmental pollution is being addressed (needlessly or even not at all) by wind turbines: … Continue reading

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The exploding population of Ross Snow Geese

The exploding population of Ross Snow Geese Today’s Edmonton Journal carried a Canadian Press article (p. A10) that explains that the population of Ross’ Snow Geese has grown to such large proportions (two million) that it is denuding large areas of its habitat in the North. The article expresses hopes that the population of Ross’ Snow Geese is still small enough so that it can be brought under control by human hunters.  The species was declared overabundant in 1999, meaning that hunters are permitted to shoot them spring through fall, after it had been brought close to the verge of extinction in the 1930s. (See also ) The Daily … Continue reading

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Southern Alberta still flooding

Updated 2019 04 19, to add links to related articles. Southern Alberta still flooding, 2013 06 22 — Today’s Edmonton Journal has extensive coverage of the flooding in Southern Alberta, and, of course, as one would expect, the politicians of all parties as well as NGOs, especially the environmentalist kind, are weighing in with their opinions on how such things are “the new norm”, a “911 call” and more.  (Photos of the Southern Alberta flooding: Calgary) They say that all of the flooding is “the new norm” and imply that the Government (that is, other taxpayers) must take care of the consequences, first and foremost prevention of re-occurrences. Well, the … Continue reading

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Save the Globe, Do Not Have Children!

Save the Globe, Do Not Have Children! — Fathers rights activists like Stephen Baskerville, PhD., have advocated for years that to have children is suicidal and recommended to young men — to be able to survive and to avoid being criminalized as fathers: Do Not Marry, Do Not Have Children Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D. 2007-11-14 at 11:36 am · Filed under Men and Mating, Vox Populi Marriage is a foundation of civilized life. No advanced civilization has ever existed without the married, two-parent family. Those who argue that our civilization needs healthy marriages to survive are not exaggerating. And yet I cannot, in good conscience, urge young men to marry today. … Continue reading

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