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Socialism begets Slavery

Updated 2017 07 o2: To expand on the introduction. Introduction Socialism is founded on slavery.  Socialism cannot persist without slavery.  Left to themselves, socialist regimes become totalitarian.  That may take a short time, as in a revolution or through conquest by a socialist nation, or it may take centuries. The outcome was virtually always the same, throughout human history.  As explained farther down, Ancient Greece, long before the birth of Christ, had not only slaves but also a yearning for socialism.  Ancient Greece and the Ancient Roman Empire were socialist regimes when they perished. We admire those regimes, especially the Ancient Greek regime, which contributed so much to our yearning … Continue reading

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Feminism and communism are identical

Updated 2019 05 15 Outcomes of communism and feminism cannot be differentiated, described well by Prof. Daniel Amneus in The Garbage Generation (page 64 to 66). According to feminists Barbara Love and Elizabeth Shanklin: “The matriarchal mode of child-rearing, in which each individual is nurtured rather than dominated from birth provides the rational basis for a genuinely healthy society, a society of self-regulating, positive individuals.”     Things are this way in the ghettos, where half of the young bear the surnames of their mothers, and where the proportion of such maternal surnames increases every year, along with crime and the other accompaniments of matriarchy. “You Frenchmen,” said an Iroquois Indian … Continue reading

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Socialism’s foundation : Other People’s money

Germany’s Richard David Precht demands, “I want the [guaranteed] basic income, to stave off the worst” („Ich will das Grundeinkommen, um das Schlimmste zu verhindern.“), without mentioning the fundamental causes of the problem issue of concern, glossing over the details of socialism’s foundation: other people’s money.  As he reveals, throwing money at the the problem, is easy.  There are unimaginably large amounts of money to be had for doing that, and more can always be created when the supply runs out.  Of course, that will either devalue all of the money in circulation, leave our descendants to pay off mountains of promissory notes, or both. That is his proposal for … Continue reading

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Did feminism cause Greek debt crisis?

The head-line of the article linked here asks, “Did feminism cause the Greek debt crisis?”  As with generally all such rhetorical head-lines that end with a question mark, the answer to this one, too, is, “No.” Did feminism cause the Greek debt crisis? June 18, 2015 By Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has given Greece (another) iron-clad deadline to meet its debt repayment schedule – Greece must pay up by June 30th. Failure all but guarantees Greece will be booted out of the common European currency and forced to return to drachmas…. More: The commentary by Janet Bloomfield is not bad, but it is somewhat … Continue reading

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Depopulating the world – A progress report

From a variety of sources, the implementing of the agenda for depopulating the world is progressing nicely, in, Europe, Asia, Anywhere in the world. To see progressions over time for specific regions or countries,  Click on this link,  Check off the country or area of your choice under “Select filters”, and  Click on “Apply Filters”. Depopulating all countries in the world Ranked by Total Fertility Rates Ranked by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per Capita Ranked by GDP per capita and by Total Fertility Rate Inescapable conclusions Economic policies that intensify a country’s poverty will tend to raise the total fertility rate for that country; Economic policies that increase a country’s wealth … Continue reading

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Population Control – War against the Poor

Population control — War against the poor: Today, someone made me aware of an article discussing the sad state of affairs of the care for the elderly in the U.K. The Telegraph Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets ‘Elderly people will be treated like second-class citizens and denied medical care under new targets which give priority to saving the lives of young people’ By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor May 29, 2015 Full story The U.K. is not the only country in the world where the disregard for the comforts and the lives of the elderly has taken on such proportions.  Such horror stories abound in most, if … Continue reading

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Election day in Alberta — May 5, 2015

For those who will vote on election day in Alberta, May 5, 2015, keep in mind that the real political power rests with the non-elected government bureaucracy.  The government bureaucrats will continue with their agenda regardless of which party (or coalition of parties) gets to pretend that it calls the shots. The elected politicians are not entirely to be blamed for what has happened and will be happening.  They have to be quite careful about what happens in their constituency offices and what they do or say there.  Their office staff is comprised of employees who are in the pay of government services. Will any of the politicians have the … Continue reading

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What makes us healthy and wealthy?

Updated 2019 04 19, to add links to related articles, and to correct the first of the two indicated charts showing the relationship between gold and oil prices. What makes us healthy and wealthy? “Walter – why do you keep posting this chart?” asked someone yesterday, after I had posted a link to a chart that displays the history of prices for gold and oil.  My response to that question was, To illustrate that, in terms of barrels of oil, gold now buys as much energy as it ever did. However, it is not just that chart that is of interest. The other, related charts are of interest as well. … Continue reading

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Detroit documentary — Gangs, drug dealers, economic decline, bankruptcy

Updated 2018 08 19: Minor edits, added links to related articles Detroit documentary — Gangs, drug dealers, economic decline, bankruptcy  (1hr 22min) is an interesting YouTube video by Al Profit.  It describes a vicious circle but pays scant attention to fatherlessness in families. Two things struck me about the documentary. One is that the cycle it chronicles, ‘Gangs, drug dealers, decline of the economy’, does not necessarily describe the correct sequence of actions and consequences. The other one is that it barely mentions an obvious, major contributing factor of the decline and decay of Detroit, fatherlessness, although it is alluded to in passing.  Right at the beginning (@3:19) a man states: “This … Continue reading

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Burning the environment to save it

What a weird and wondrous story about saving the environment a detailed investigation of the conversion of the Drax power station to bio-mass fueling (mostly wood chips) would make.  Who is behind that one and who profits the most, the owners, the accountants, the politicians or perhaps the media? Even Wikipedia must be considered to be part of the media. It cannot be trusted to tell the truth on environmental issues.  It does not even mention that Drax is now being partially powered by wood chips imported from places such as the US and produced by mining vast tracts of land for trees (although Wikipedia’s main article on the Drax … Continue reading

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