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Family courts solve divorce applications backlog

Family Courts (they essentially give marching orders to Child Protective Services) – put in place during the 1960s to solve a growing divorce applications backlog – primarily target men.  They also seriously hurt children. Family courts were to mitigate the divorce applications backlog in the regular court system (in the early 1960s, waiting periods for court hearings after divorce applications were three and more years – and rapidly growing longer). The growing divorce applications backlog was a consequence of the legalization of ‘no-fault’ divorce. In ‘no-fault’ divorce, the default position is nevertheless that the fault is placed on the shoulders of the men. All of that works exceedingly well, so … Continue reading

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Divorce affects children negatively — Youth criminality

…. previous page Part of the series ‘Communism → second-wave feminism → social re-engineering’ Index and preamble for series The effects of divorce on children Divorce affects children negatively. This is an excerpt from a report on The Effects of Divorce on Children.  The excerpt presents information on how different family structures compare with respect to the outcomes in children in relation to youth incarceration rates.  It makes for interesting reading, especially for anyone who still thinks that the problem identified by Betty Friedan and cohort has no name. Here is an excerpt from that: »V. Effects on Government: Increased Crime, Abuse, and Use of Drugs A. Increased Crime Rates Robert Sampson (then professor … Continue reading

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Mass killer, spree killer, rampage killer, serial killer…?

Mass killer, spree killer, rampage killer, serial killer… What is the difference? ‘A Nation of Killers?‘ argues that nationality is not a factor in serial killing and implies that neither is the sex of the perpetrator. It uses the term ‘spree killer’ to identify the phenomenon of mass killers but implies that the borders between the categories serial killer and mass killer are blurred. ‘Breaking the Silence of the Lambs: Female Serial Killers and Collective Amnesia‘ identifies that men do not have a monopoly on being serial killers and that our collective amnesia with respect to female serial killers is quite recent (a consequence of the effectiveness of public relations efforts … Continue reading

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Divorce hurts Children, a million more in the U.S. a year

Divorce hurts children: “Each year, over a million American children suffer the divorce of their parents. Divorce causes irreparable harm to all involved, but most especially to the children. Though it might be shown to benefit some individuals in some individual cases, over all it causes a temporary decrease in an individual’s quality of life and puts some “on a downward trajectory from which they might never fully recover.”1 Divorce damages society. It consumes social and human capital. It substantially increases cost to the taxpayer, while diminishing the taxpaying portion of society. It diminishes children’s future competence in all five of society’s major tasks or institutions: family, school, religion, marketplace and government. The reversal of the cultural and social … Continue reading

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Parenthood needs a village before becoming inhuman

Last updated 2018 10 23 Parenthood needs a village before becoming inhuman? The competition between nature and nurture may involve expensive, high-end, often extremely expensive technology.  The outcomes are not always viable. The urge to engage in parenthood is a human desire driven by many things: the need for procreation; hormones; ticking biological clocks; social pressure; greed for social status; the need for the intergenerational transfer of wealth, traditions and knowledge; gender activism, and by much more.  Life is short.  It was extremely short for Huxley. Every morning Ruth checks the obituaries, to see whether some of the deceased mentioned in them are known to us. This morning she pointed … Continue reading

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Sheep People Comparisons – Are people sheeple?

Updated 2019 05 15 Sheep People Comparisons – Are people sheeple? — It was in 1997 when I first wrote this commentary.  I updated it today, but not too many changes needed to be made.  It concerns sheep people comparisons, something that many people often make.  Some do it so much that they refer to people and their  allegedly sheep-like behaviour as sheeple.  Is that fair to sheep or people?  I thought about it, and here are the results of that. Many years ago I obtained my first e-mail address.  I made it  That address is now defunct, as eventually it became so well-known by spammers that a vast … Continue reading

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Dean Stokes – Bruderheim Hotel July 24, 2015

Dean Stokes – Bruderheim Hotel, Friday Nite, July 24, 2015 – Be there!  

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Charity Bike Run

Lend your support to Dean Stokes by attending or participating. See also

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Flawless flawed — What about children?

Last updated 2019 04 20 Flawless flawed — The premise of “Flawless“, a short film to be produced about domestic violence, contains a major flaw. (A link to “Flawless”, the film about domestic violence, cannot be provided, as it appears that as of now – 2018 03 29 – the film has not yet been completed.) The feminists have been telling us all along that women are the only victims of DV worth worrying about. The makers of the film want to give men recognition as victims of DV. Does that then mean that there are no children who are victims of domestic violence, and that therefore it is not necessary … Continue reading

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The myth of female innocence – correctional services

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. (Lord Acton) The undeserved myth of female innocence prevents it coming to light that women are as likely and even more likely than men to be amoral, especially in the area of sexual abuse.  In reality, that has been known for many years, since long before modern feminism came on the scene.  What is new now is merely that modern feminism made it politically-incorrect to acknowledge and to address the reality of the myth of female innocence not being deserved.  The following are a few observations regarding the indicated study report and a few quotes from that report, by someone who … Continue reading

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