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Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice

Veritas Publishing I N T R O D U C E S Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice The book addresses a serious problem, the need for court reform and the abolishment of judicial and quasi-judicial immunity. Marinated with the makings of sizzle, the book is filled with the courts’ tricks and traps for the unwary–to alert the readers both why their law cases failed and what must be done to effect court reform.  Each chapter introduces the background of the subject of that chapter and then presents a series of illustrative anecdotes intended to teach the readers by example how to avoid those court tricks and traps people are … Continue reading

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Dads Wanted !

Dads Wanted ! Tanni Haas, a Brooklyn-based author and father of a 5-year old boy, is writing a book about fatherhood. To that end, he is looking for fathers of all ages and backgrounds to share their favorite “Daddy Moments” – situations where they learned something significant about what one should or should not do as a dad. These anecdotes can deal with any aspect of fatherhood, from the first time you changed the diaper on your newborn to saving money for your college-bound teenagers. Your observations can be serious, funny, self-reflective – and everything else in between. You decide! If you want to share your favorite “Daddy Moments,” please … Continue reading

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SOS: “Taken into Custody” could go out of print

Update 2019 01 17: Added links to related articles. A very important appeal by Stephen Baskerville: Cumberland House Publishing is being sold, and unless action is taken soon, Taken Into Custody will go out of print.  This is serious for two reasons:  First copies will no longer be available.  Second, if this book does not succeed, no other book on the abuses of family court and the divorce industry will be published for a very long time.  Publishers make decisions based on what sells.   If you want your own book published, please help with the success of this one. This is urgent, as it could go out of print in a … Continue reading

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