The face of FB shadow banning

2021 04 11: to show FB censorship in the guise of a support message
2021 05 31: to illustrate FB censorship of a link to an article in Canada’s National Post

The face of FB shadow banning shows itself quite clearly in this:

Given that they are interesting if not hot topics for which I had wanted to start discussion threads, and that I have close to 3000 FB friends, it seems hardly possible that as much as a week or even a month later there has not been a single like or comment on many of my initial postings at my FB timeline. Postings since just May 1:

For more instances of FB shadow banning, go down the entries in my FB Timeline.

Update 2021 05 27

Of course, often, and lately increasingly more often, FB employs straight censorship, over and above plain old shadow banning, such as in this case, where I had tried to post a comment to someone’s remark that giving the U.S. voting franchise to women was not necessarily a good thing:

FB cesorship in the guise of a support message

FB censorship in the guise of a support message

Update 2021 05 31

Facebook sent me a notification that informed me that sharing a link to a National Post article about “The (very strong) case of COVID-19 leaking from a Chinese lab” is spam. That is even though lately there were news that Facebook relented on its customary censorship of all information about a COVID-19 leak from the Wuhan lab. Obviously the news of Facebook relenting on the censoring of such news are fake news, but here is a screenshot of the notification FB had send to me:


FB deems an attempt to share a link to a National Post article to be spam. 

The screenshot is linked to the censored National Post article.


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