Is this FB shadow banning?

Is this FB shadow banning? On 2021 04 29 I posted a link to an ABC article on my FB timeline. 19 hours later the posting had not received a single like or comment. Here is a screen shot of the posting:

Given that it is a hot topic for which I had wanted to start a discussion thread, and that I have close to 3000 FB friends, it seems hardly possible that almost a whole day later there has not been a single like or comment on the initial FB posting.

The posting is listed in my FB activity log. I have no problem with accessing it on my timeline.  It is fairly obvious that no one else has seen the posting. That is shadow banning.

The following article explains some of the circumstances and aspects of shadow banning.

How to Tell If Your Content Is Being “Shadow Banned” on Facebook

A screenshot of the facebook app which is know for shadowbanning.

Published November 9, 2020

Facebook has not exactly been the role model in privacy and security, as they have undergone numerous investigations for how they handle user data. The world’s largest social media platform reportedly uses user data as a bargaining chip in striking deals with competitors. Consequently, the government plans to slap antitrust lawsuits against Facebook by year’s end for apparently using its powerful market position to stifle competition. These are just among the several privacy issues raised against Facebook, and that’s without mentioning “shadowbanning.”….

See the full article.

More postings I made during the last little while were shadow banned. Just check my FB timeline for the last week or the last month.

gab is a good alternative to Facebook

I am now subscribed to gab, where there is no censorship. I like it.

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