FB censorship reaches absurd levels

FB censorship reaches absurd levels. Today I tried to post a comment on a FB-friend’s timeline. Facebook prevented me from doing so, twice, without offering an explanation. Here is the comment that offended Facebook.

My previous comment vanished into the black void.

To put the COVID-19 pandemic [în India] into context, have a look at the appended graph (interactive at its source).

Source of appended graph: https://tinyurl.com/4vb87562

The curious aspect of that is that not even the fact that the graph came from a reputable source (Our World in Data), and that the data displayed in the graph comes from an impeccable source (Johns Hopkins University) prevented Facebook from censoring the comment. That is not all.

It cannot possibly be a coincidence that, after I had made the two attempts to post the comment, my keyboard layout mysteriously got changed to the QWERTZ layout. That did not happen by accident and required hacking into my laptop.

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