FB censorship intrudes into family life

FB censorship intrudes into family life but not only that. In the name of political correctness, it censors the truth and not merely opinions.

The other day, on Facebook, I shared a photo that showed a car with a sheet of plywood stuck in the windshield.  The caption was, “Was gonna go through insurance but sold the plywood and bought a brand new car.”

Lumber prices have gone through the roof. The caption of the photo is almost too true to be funny. My daughter shared the photo and posted it at her FB time line, as the initial posting for a new discussion thread. She explained there to someone that lumber prices had gone up due to supply and demand. 

Supply and Demand

In some cases lumber prices have doubled and tripled during the past year.

I responded to that and posted two links, one to a chart displaying a trendline of lumber prices during the past five years, and another one to a CBC article that explains how much and why COVID-19 measures contributed in Canada to the enormously increased Lumber prices.

Lumber price history:

historical lumber prices as of 2021 04 21

historical lumber prices as of 2021 04 21

What the CBC article states:

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on just about every industry — sticking a wrench into the normal forces of supply and demand — and lumber is a prime example.

When the pandemic hit, lumber mills were forced to close. Then, a nation of people stuck at home started building more decks and fences. People renovated to accommodate their new work-from-home lives.

And that’s left [saw]mills scrambling to get logs, lumber yards short on supply, and contractors forced to pay more for what supply is available.

To my surprise, yesterday I received a notification from Facebook, informing me that my response to my daughter Nancy’s comment on lumber prices being driven by supply and demand violates their “community standards” on spam, and that only I was able to see my response to Nancy. Who did my response spam?

FB notification

Facebook judges that the truth violates their “community standards” on spam

Well, what do you know? Facebook does not want anyone to tell the truth about what caused lumber prices to go up, even though the truth about that has nothing to do with my opinion on it, other than that my opinion on that is that it is futile to argue against the truth on that.

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