Evolution and its Consequences : Random Chance or Intelligent Design?

Do evolution and its consequences happen by random chance or intelligent design?

Stephen C. Meyer, Douglas Axe, Chuck Darwin, and Me
Three Evolutionary Siege Howitzers and a Popgun

By FRED REED • OCTOBER 7, 2020 • 11,600 WORDS


It seems odd that the author’s logic leads to the conclusion that, when it comes to human evolution, free will becomes a hindrance rather than a boon, at least for as long as we assume that an objective of human evolution is for humans to propagate.

That aspect of evolution is a loose end of the essay. After all, an ever increasing number of people insists that the objective of human evolution should be that humanity should vanish due to the lack of a young, sufficiently productive workforce to assure ever-increasing, unprecedented good health, wealth, and length of life, while enjoying unlimited sexual promiscuity without procreation.

An evolutionary path that leads to extinction? How intelligent is that? Still, it is not the fault of the designer whether a few or many people don’t follow the designer’s intentions, whatever those may be.

Is there a way out of the dilemma? Should common sense and free will be prohibited? How does abortion fit in?

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