Female innocence is what media and courts say it is

Adele Horin is a feminist who writes about female innocence. The Australian Advocate should not be so hard on Adele Horin. The editors of the Sydney Morning Herald she writes for obviously feel that she is doing a good job, or else she could not have been a media award winner. Adele Horin is just trying to make a living and delivers in her articles nothing more than what her editors expect of her.

“Adele Horin, writer for the Sydney Morning Herald, is no stranger to the trappings of wish-fulfilment journalism. Controversial media award winner Adele HorinFor many journalists, you see what you need to see, and in the case of Adele Horin, men are inherently evil, as one can see from the litany of her work.

Her recent article, “Revenge and Despair place Children at Risk“, is another piece of fanciful writing from a Horin, who can always be relied upon to creatively re-interpret the facts to absolve females of the same crimes that men are vilified for….« More

Truth in reporting, in the media and in the courts

Credible and trustworthy social researchers will not base their research on court files, selected ones, to boot. They will use randomly selected data from the general population to draw their conclusions. That is, because court decisions reflect the sum of the bias inherent in society, the media and jurisprudence. They often reflect at least a somewhat rose-tinted view of reality as we wish it to be.

Neither in the media nor in the courts is one likely to see the truth, all of the truth and nothing but the truth. They can and will do what they do, because there are no consequences if they err or deliberately distort. It is extremely rare and virtually never happens that anyone will hold them accountable. For them, there is no such thing as “bad news.”

When it bleeds, it leads, and “bad news” become much juicier when they pertain to crimes that involve villains, all the more so when a woman doing a crime can be shown to be innocent, because a man, the Devil or – if all else fails – her inner demons made her do what she did.

Consider how the media industry feels about the need for truth in reporting: “Caught: Media-prostitutes and their clients

#MediaBias #PropagandaExposed #WomensViolence

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