Rising sea levels could wipe entire nations off face of Earth

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Rising sea levels could wipe entire nations off face of Earth — Fake news are easy to come by, even from ‘reputable’ news agencies, but give a little. Predictions are hard, especially about the future. 

If you have not done any worrying, today, you may wish to read the AP article identified by the following link and be off to a good start. Thirty years went by since the publishing of the article, June 29, 1989. If you never yet worried much about anything mentioned in the article, isn’t it high time that you begin to worry?

AP 1989 article predicting gloom and doom


UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000…. (Full Article)

“[E]ntire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels…” It is odd, that a UN official would say that. New countries come into existence all the time. No one knows that better than the officials at the UN.

The ocean blue submerged how many nations?

There were 46 nations on Earth at the onset of the first world war. Today, the CIA World Factbook identifies 228 nations and territories. The CIA’s list ranks them by their GDP per capita figures (in terms of GDP purchasing power parity). From that list, it becomes immediately apparent that poverty is real, and that it is a real world problem that is a far greater threat than the largely imaginary hobgoblin of rising sea levels or climate change.

Of those 228 nations and territories, 193 are UN member nations, according to the UN. The following graph shows how the number of UN member-nations grew over time.

UN Member Nations by Year

No Shortage of Nations
Contrary to popular fears, by the year 2000, rising sea levels had not wiped a single nation off the face of the Earth. Nor did that fate befall any nations in the years since.

Although the fears of rising sea levels were fed throughout all of the time since 1989 and before, sea level rise wiped not a single nation or country off the face of the Earth, not even close to it. Clearly, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Still, the fear of climate change and rising sea levels serves as an attention-getter, a red herring. The fear of climate change serves as a tool to draw attention away from what really matters: Poverty.  The people know that.

The people know better

The UN very own survey, My World, which canvassed close to ten-million people throughout the world, indicates that fears of climate change, rank dead-last (by a substantial margin) on the list of people’s concerns.

Concerns over environment change dead-last of things that concern the World's people

UN poll, My World (2015) — Concerns over climate change dead-last on the list of things that concern the World’s people

Google Timelapse is a reasonably good tool by which to observe whether any nation on Earth became inundated, as predicted, by the ocean blue. You should take a look. Perhaps you can find the smoking gun. Go to Google Timelapse and enter the name of the poster child of sinking nations, Maldives, into the location field in the upper-left corner of the tool. Hit <Enter>, and Google Timelapse will take you there.

There’s no evidence of a sinking nation in that corner of the world, not even if you expand the time interval past the ominous year 2000. No! None of islands in the Maldives are sinking or being submerged by rising ocean levels. They all stubbornly refuse to become submerged.

Sea level rise happens at the rate of less than 2 mm a year. Obviously, some of the doomsayers appear to feel, that is too fast for anyone to outrun. Nevertheless, the resolution of Google Timelapse is perhaps not good enough to observe the rate at which islands doomed to sink becoming submerged beneath the rising sea.

Rising sea levels sink no nations

Reputable authorities and reputable individuals working for and even independently studied the issues with far greater attention to detail than Google Timelapse can. They found no sinking islands anywhere in the Pacific Ocean or anywhere in the world, let alone any nations that were wiped off the face of the Earth. To the contrary, collectively, the many islands surveyed with great precision grew in area during the interval examined, not all but vastly most of them. Take a look:

New Science: 89% Of The Globe’s Islands – And 100% Of Large Islands – Have Stable Or Growing Coasts
By Kenneth Richard on 17. January 2019

Still, the alarmist hysteria over rising sea levels persists. We all must atone, and all of us normal mortals must comply by buying indulgences in the form of carbon taxes. Whether any souls were ever saved through indulgences is a matter not yet resolved, although highly unlikely, but that issue went into the dustbin of history — so will the indulgences in the form of carbon taxes, surely. The question is only whether that will happen because we ran out of money, out of the willingness to be successfully conned, or perhaps both.

After all, the UN survey of what concerns people most indicated that people not only deem climate change least worthy of concern, but that they value a good education far above everything else.  Educated people cannot so easily be conned into confusing the importance of mitigating climate change with the importance of almost everything else.

Let’s educate people, to enable them to solve all the problems that need to be solved.  It is nonsense to force people into squandering their abilities and resources on anything that does not require fixing, but forcing them to do that is a form of totalitarianism.

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