Why suddenly outrage over touching by Sen. Biden ?

Updated 2019 04 09: to add comments on and links to information on VAWA.

Why suddenly outrage over touching by Sen. Biden?  No one should be eager to participate in the campaign of outrage, disdain, scorn and outright deprecation against touching by Sen. Joe Biden.  The largely hysterical reactions against him in the aftermath of the #MeToo movement address nothing criminal, as far as anyone has determined, so far.  It does not seem likely that anything worse than that will surface.

The curious aspect of the media’s overreaction is that, if Sen. Joe Biden did anything that warrants the media feeding frenzy now, what is it that triggered it?  Is there anything at all in what accusers object to now any different or worse than what Sen. Joe Biden did in the past?  It is not as if his unusual behavior with women and young girls was discovered just recently.  There is nothing new about it.  It took place in full public view, for years, on literally countless occasions, got noticed all along and is on record.  Many people expressed their objections throughout all of those years it was happening.

Sen. Biden explains his need for touching the females of the species

The question is, what warrants a sudden hysterical overreaction in the form of a media feeding frenzy?  Sen. Joe Biden apologized for it, or, rather, he explained it.   He loves to come close to women and young girls because he has an abundance of and a never-ending love for them.  What could possibly be wrong with that?

Sen. Biden - Touching, YouTube video

Too close for comfort — Sen, Biden explains

Is it not time to let it go, to forgive and forget?

A far more important issue is what Sen. Joe Biden did for his country or, more to the point, for the women of his country.  That must be kept in view.

Sen. Joe Biden deserves credit for the things he achieved.  Much of his career was dedicated to catering to the feminist agenda for the planned destruction of the family.  We must not lose sight of the fact that American women have a grave duty to be grateful to him for that.

Sen. Joe Biden was instrumental in fashioning the American social and legal context of domestic relations according to the feminist scheme for liberating women from oppression and suffering.   His hard work saved millions of women from the ravages of toxic masculinity.  In doing so, he put millions of men into their place, preferably outside of the families that the feminists kept insisting all along were nothing but men’s instruments for oppressing women.

There was, for instance, the US Bankruptcy Reform Act, S. 420, which provided for women’s independence by providing financial security for women and their children.  Take Senator Biden’s congratulatory speech on the passage of Bill S. 420 in the US Senate (originally posted 2001 03 28).

Earlier, Sen. Joe Biden designed and pushed through the blessing of the Violence against Women Act (VAWA), even made it possible not to let it die but to intensify its benefits to women. How can the largely feminist-dominated media be so ungrateful? How can they possibly forget how much VAWA contributed to the quality of everyone’s standard of living by properly identifying and punishing severely all men who relished the suffering women experienced from the pain of massive, widespread brutality that men and their toxic masculinity heaped upon literally hundreds of millions of American women over time?

Do the media not have any compassion for the man who arguably did more than anyone in American history to liberate American women from their oppression, by making the  Violence Against Women Act of 1994 reality?

It is truly absurd to forget all of the good things Sen. Biden did for women during a political career dedicated to serving women and thereby gathering their votes for his party.  It is outright ungrateful to complain now about and heap scorn upon Sen. Biden for deriving little pleasures from being in close touch with women and young girls whom he all along so exceedingly adored.

Are there no bounds for the hatred that feminists have for men who love women?  Will love itself be outlawed next?

Update 2019 04 09

Objections to Sen. Biden’s disturbing behaviour divert attention from the great harm he caused to social fabric of his country

There is arguably no other US politician who caused greater harm to his country’s families, the institution of the family and the social fabric of his country’s people than did Sen. Biden, through the unwavering support he gave to the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA), from its initial design and introduction, to its first approval in 1994 and all of its subsequent re-authorizations.

VAWA was reauthorized by bipartisan majorities in Congress in 2000 and again in December 2005. The Act’s 2012 renewal was opposed by conservative Republicans, who objected to extending the Act’s protections to same-sex couples and to provisions allowing battered undocumented immigrants to claim temporary visas, but it was reauthorized in 2013, after a long legislative battle. As a result of the United States federal government shutdown of 2018–2019, the Violence Against Women Act expired on December 21, 2018. It was temporarily reinstated via a short-term spending bill on January 25, 2019, but expired again on February 15, 2019. (Wikipedia; Preamble, 3rd par.)

In an April 5, 2019 Facebook discussion thread, I asked why no one seems to pay very much attention to what Sen. Biden had done in connection with VAWA.

'Touchy behaviour red herring

‘Touchy’ behaviour diverts attention

ERoss ER identified a crucial factor that was an important influence in Sen. Biden’s unwavering support for VAWA:

By Eric Ross, Ph.D. March 02, 2012

How did VAWA, the most unconstitutional, sexist legislation, became adopted and why? – In the January 24, 2000 issue of the U. S. News, on p. 12, a syndicated columnist John Leo wrote:

“The Violence Against Women Act slipped into law in 1994 without most members of Congress quite knowing what they were passing. We have Andrea Dworkin’s word on this. Dworkin is surely a contender for the North American title of most overwrought, man-hating feminist. She told the New Republic at the time that the only possible explanation for the bill’s popularity in the Senate was the ‘senators don’t understand the meaning of the legislation that they pass.’”

From that, one gains the impression that Andrea Dworkin and collaborators considered Sen. Biden and the U.S. politicians who helped him to get VAWA approved to be nothing more than proverbial ‘useful idiots’ supporting the cause of radical feminism (which happens to be the implementation of the agenda for the planned destruction of the institution of the family).  The quote is from an article ERoss ER identified in one of his comments at the FB discussion thread:

VAWA is the Fraud of the Millennia

VAWA is the Fraud of the Millennia

E Ross augmented that link with this one:

VAWA is the Fraud of the Millennia and Must Be Repealed

The fraud of VAWA

Peter van de Voorde contributed a comment, with a link to his exhaustive analysis of VAWA and similar, family-hostile legislation designed to help deconstruct the cultural traditions of the developed nations.  I asked that he supply an introduction:

Western civilization is in the grip of a societal cancer that continues to remove millions of children from the protection of their families each year, for the benefit of those profiting from widespread community ignorance.

Knowledge is the enemy of ignorance. For concerned citizens willing, able and interested in breaking the curse society has inflicted upon itself, this book finally provides the big picture information absolutely necessary, if one is to even think of mounting a challenge to those peddling the mountain of misinformation artfully underpinning the current narrative.

Packed with devastating statistics and analyses, Children of the State, initiates the foundation for change and aids the formulation of new narratives. Sound knowledge of the big picture is essential for those calling for a halt to the dreadful government supported use of societies’ children, as an economic commodity.

— Peter van de Voorde, author of
Children of the State: Stolen for Profit

Kindle Edition, by Peter van de Voorde (Author)

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