Facebook prevents posting of comments

Update 2019 03 28: The inability to post comments to Facebook has been resolved.

On 2019 03 27 I experienced that Facebook prevents comment posting.  It does not appear due to ill will.  Some would consider it a glitch, even though the problems began in the morning and still existed at night. 

One was the inability to view comments that were posted (at least the originators, someone else and I, thought so), and the other was, perhaps, but not obviously, the inability to posts comments.

I will just publish some examples here and keep doing so, until the problems get resolved.  It would be a shame, having tried to put a comment together, to find that it cannot be passed on to others.  So, here I go:

2019 03 27 6:35 pm: Using an anti-Eurocentric and pro-socialist bias to debunk perceptions founded on personal bias +outdated facts +media bias, so as to beat the score that chimps achieve in picking the right answer from various sets of multiple choice questions.  Take the Gapminder Ignorance Project:

Facebook prevents posting of comments, e. g: one relating to the Gapminder Ignorance Project

Gapminder Ignorance Project

It seems that the debunking and the curing of ignorance, in this case, not only leaves confirmation bias untouched, but it bestows it on some who may have remained objective, so far.

The moral: Do not expect objectivity from socialist activists.

2019 03 27 6:42 pm: h/t Frank Postill – Randal S. Olson:
“10 most populous cities in the world from 1500-2018”

P.S. 2019 03 28: The inability to post comments to Facebook got resolved early this morning.  The problem apparently was just another glitch. The comment about the ten most-populous cities got lost. The comment about Gapminder could not be deleted. Every time I wanted to leave the page, I got reminded that the comment was unfinished. I finally left the page. Since then I have been able to post new notifications again.



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