Canadian budget makes Andrew Scheer unhappy

The Canadian budget makes Andrew Scheer unhappy.  He offers some comments about today’s budget announcement.

I was unable to post the following comment to Facebook and hope that you will be able to access it here instead:

As of now the opinion polls indicated a clear gain for the Conservatives, and a loss of appreciation of the Liberals. So far, the polls do not reflect the impact of the promised escalation of spending (another $41 billion that will have to be paid back out of tax revenues in the generations to come). Obviously, PM Trudeau is wrong about a lot of things, but right now he demonstrates, that – contrary to his much-touted assertions – budgets do not balance themselves.

We’ll have to wait and see what the opinion polls will indicate in the days to come. It seems that PM Trudeau may be disappointed, as–surely–Canadians cannot be so easily bribed by stuffing their pockets with $41 billion that the government will have to squeeze out of them first, in the subsequent years, whether the Liberals win the coming election or not.

Opinion polling in the 2019 Canadian federal election
Pre-campaign period article and graph

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