Google Chrome vs Firefox

After having used Google Chrome for a few years, switching back to Firefox made surfing the Net again enjoyable.

For many years I had been using Firefox and then switched to Google Chrome for my browser. It escaped my memory why I did so, but at the time I was not sorry that I did. A few years went by….

Google Chrome had a few glitches that I tried to address and spent quite a few days with trying to solve them, unsuccessfully. Here are some of the most prominent:

  1. Google Chrome changed the colour scheme of my browser display to something other than the default I was quite happy with, to something that was not as nice. I never managed to get that corrected, but that was okay.
  2. Google Chrome once had, just as Firefox did and still does, spelling suggestions for correcting misspellings as I was typing, but that got lost. In spite of repeatedly trying, often for days, to find a correction or fix for that problem, I never managed to find a solution. The feature got lost for good, and many co-sufferers and I had to do without it, but that was okay. I could live without it, no matter how much I missed it.
  3. I never managed to get Google Chrome to provide a display of fonts that permitted me to read text clearly on Facebook. The vision in my right eye is a bit handicapped (I’ve got a scar on the cornea, in the centre of the pupil of my right eye). The type-font display that Google Chrome permits (forces) me to use does not allow me to make a clear distinction between a comma, semicolon and a period, but that was okay.
  4. On the morning of March 13th, 2019, I noticed that Google Chrome corrupted the display of text, so that it became unintelligible.
    Corrupted text display in Google Chrome browser

    Corrupted text display in Google Chrome browser

    There were various means of making the text legible, for a moment or a few seconds, but those are not even acceptable Band Aids, let alone good solutions. For the better part of the last two days I tried to find a fix for Google Chrome, but, as usual, their recommended solution did not make the slightest improvement. That is no longer okay, and I had to draw the line.

Last night I downloaded Firefox and installed it once more. Eureka! All of the Google Chrome problems that had plagued me no longer exist. Mind you, I had to make one improvement or adjustment. I had to use the “Clear Type” option (in Windows 10: Press the <Windows Start> icon, type clear type, and follow the instructions) for finding the best possible type display. That fixed even my handicap of having trouble telling the difference between a comma, semicolon and a period. That alone made it worth switching to Firefox. Most importantly, at least for now, the solutions to any perceived problems that Firefox recommends I should use all worked. That is a welcome experience!

If you should want to switch to a different browser, first create a restore point, just in case something should go wrong and you need to go back to before you started to make your changes. (You should always do that, whenever you install new software on your machine.)

Surfing the Net has become enjoyable again.  Oh, what a happy surfer I am!

#FixForCorruptedTypeDisplay #FixForMissingSpellingSuggestions

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