FB responds to need for help without having been asked

Updated 2019 03 13 8:54 pm: Added post script.

Earlier today I noticed that FB has a problem and posted a comment about it.

Right after I posted it, I talked to my wife and asked her to look up on her phone what I had posted.  She could not, I could not, and both of us could not find what I had posted about the problem, but, miraculously, the missing original posting is restored to its full, shining beauty, except for the ‘likes’ it had received and the comment I had added earlier.  Those were still missing.  I will try to see what I can do to restore them.

I went back to my laptop to try to see what I could do about it and saw that my original observation that I had wanted to show to the wife, after I had posted it, was now shown as if I had never yet posted it.

There it was, in addition, there was a little insert on the screen of my laptop, stating, something like:

“Oops! Something went wrong. We are working to fix it.” 

Well, what they did was not quite good enough, because the ‘likes’ the original post had received, and the comment I had added are still missing. 

Still, given that FB apparently is instantly aware of what I post on FB, I am confident that they will see fit to restore the ‘likes’ that the post had received and the comment I had added.  Nevertheless, even if FB is no longer capable or willing to make its presence known, as I try to do that, I will try to keep you posted of what evolves.

Until later….

Sorry to report that sharing from WordPress to FB did not work for me.  FB will not let me do that.

Until later….

12:16 I posted this comment to the formerly ‘disappeared’ and now restored discussion thread:

Earlier I reported that FB has a problem that needs to be fixed. This post and discussion thread disappeared from the version of my timeline that is publicly visible. In other words, what I see differs from what others can see of what is on my timeline. 

The details of the problem and its aftermath are being reported on at https://blog.fathersforlife.org/2019/03/13/fb-responds-to-help-request-without-having-been-asked/

Everything appears to be back to normal, even the likes that the original post had and the comment I had added have been restored. That is very nice to see, except that now GoogleChrome is in on what apparently is becoming a brawl FB is getting mean. That is not how a guardian angel watching over my shoulder would do [it].

12:26 Oh Dear, FB did not permit me to post that comment.  That is a good thing, because that permitted me to make a run to Fort Saskatchewan, to pick up medication that had been back-ordered, and to buy groceries that we had not been able to pick during the bad weather that had prevailed for the last two weeks.  It gave me time, as well, to make a few edits. 

I had tried to report that repairs had been made and were successful.  Look what happened now.  A guardian angel watching over my shoulder would not be like that.  This is not fixing things, it adds aggravation.  It is outright mean! 

What FB meant by that is not that they could not, but that they would not let me, but here I go.  It is most definitely ‘later’, and I will try again.

Eureka!  FB really fixed it.  I tried posting the progress report once more, a few minutes ago, and what I could not do before now worked fine.  Check it out and see how well it worked.

Here is to hoping that what is well will stay well.  A great “Thank You!” to my guardian angel, Facebook.  “I am truly glad that you could fix what needed to be fixed.”

P.S.: Jack de Hoog and Carl Garnham advised that earlier today FB and Instagram experienced big outages, to which I responded,

“…thanks for telling me about the outage. I’ll add a note about it to the record of my experiences. It does not seem to be connected to what I struggled with this morning. Why would the problem involve a posting about Donald Trump’s endorsement of Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, but not any of my interactions with FB immediately before and after that specific posting? Why would that outage be so selective and pick that tiny window of time, but not what I did before and after it?”

Here is Facebook’s announcement about the outage they experienced today:

We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps. We’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
10:49 AM – 13 Mar 2019
We’re focused on working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, but can confirm that the issue is not related to a DDoS attack.


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