The correct temperature for Bruderheim please stand up

Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada, has no official weather station. As far as I know, it does not even have an unofficial weather station that provides temperature readings that any published temperature values for Bruderheim are based on. Temperature values published by any single weather app on offer are derived from extrapolations made from surrounding weather stations.

Of course, the problems with widely varying temperature readings or calculated values may not exist where you live.  Still, it would be a good idea if you were to go through an exercize such as the one that I describe in this.  This is not the first time I tried to do it for Bruderheim.  The outcome always showed widely varying results. 

Does anyone feel assured through such an exercize, that the climate predictions or projections so loved by climate alarmists are accurate?  I don’t, and neither does anyone else who uses even a bit of common sense.

The closest official weather station (operated by Environment and Climate Change Canada) is at nearby Elk Island National Park (10km from here, as the crow flies).

Which temperature declaration for Bruderheim is the correct one?

What is the infamous consensus of climate scientists for the end of the century based on? Were the right pick and the right calculations made? The evidence indicates on first glance that they were not,

The weather app (The Weather Channel) for my cell phone says it presently is -26°C in Bruderheim. It also says that the temperature “now” is -32°C in Bruderheim.

The weather app (The Weather Network) for my lap top asserts -28°C in Bruderheim.

Bruderheim temperature as per The Weather Network

The only nearby official weather station (operated by Environment and Climate Change Canada, about 10km from here, as the crow flies, in Elk Island National Park) maintains that it is presently -27°C.

Temperature measurement at Elk Island National Park

Temperature measurement at Elk Island National Park

Our thermometer in our backyard in Bruderheim reads -24.5°C.

Climate predictions are based on projections made from temperature trends that are calculated from averages of temperature measurements in specific locations.

If temperature measurements and estimates of current temperatures for a specific location disagree, then the average current temperature for that location is incorrect and not worth a hill of beans.

If average temperature estimates are wrong, then average temperature trends are wrong.

If average temperature trends are wrong, then temperature predictions or projections are wrong.

Temperature predictions or projections based on inaccurate temperature measurements or estimates of current temperatures for specific locations are the more wrong for any time in the future and locations, the farther into the future and distance they extend.

What should we bet our money and our personal and national welfare on, or should we?

Tim Ball, an eminent, Canadian climate scientist, has some thoughts about that and expressed them in this:

“Time For Skeptics To Expose National Weather Offices: Canada, A Case Study With National And Global Implications.”

BY DR. TIM BALL · JUNE 10, 2015



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