Most of my FB friends must have died : perhaps I did

Most of my FB friends must have died, or perhaps I did.  Sometimes I ask myself why I don’t get many reactions to anything I state on FB, and I wonder (but only for a fleeting moment): “Why don’t I get as many responses as I got when I had only a small fraction of the large number of FB friends I have now?”

Do you ever wonder about that curious fact, that the more FB friends you have, and the longer you have had them, the less you see of them? You are getting fewer likes of what you post, and you have fewer chances to like what they post, because you see less of what they post and they see less of what you post. Why do you think that is? That does not happen in real life, where for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction (well, almost but not so much in semantics or information exchanges employing them).

In the FB universe, it is perfectly logical to see an inverse correlation between likes from one’s FB friends and the number of those frineds one has, the fewer likes, the more FB friends one has and the longer one has had those FB friends. That makes perfect sense, believe it or not. It does happen that way, especially if one expresses conservative, traditionalist or truthful opinions. I am fairly sure that FB’s algorithms already decided what will happen with this comment, which is why I can see the results of that decision as soon as when I click on <Post>.

Anyway, there are all sort of reasons why in the FB universe one sees fewer and fewer likes of what one posts. What do you think are the chances that we will have a discussion or exchange of opinions on that subject today? I am not a betting man. It does not seem fair to make bets on things that are certain.

So, tell me, how many of my closest FB friends will even get to see this comment?

I’ll tell you how much I see of what the closest of my FB friends post, the ones who seem aligned closest to what my political, ethical and ideological perspective happens to be. You would not know that, but I do, because I checked. For instance, of the 0.1 percent of my FB friends who closest think and write the way I do, I have seen exactly not a single indication that they posted or shared anything during the past three days. Don’t tell me, but that is moot, you have not seen a notification that I posted this comment, right? 🙂 That is the main reason why I don’t see many likes on what I post, and you don’t see many likes on things you post.

It is not up to you to decide what you should be liked for. You may not even give your FB friends the choice of what they should like you for. That choice is not up to you or your FB friends to make.  It is being made for you.


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