The #MeToo phenomenon ran its course?

The #MeToo phenomenon ran its course?  Who knows, and, if so, what will take its place?  Its consequences will probably be with us for some time to come.

On October 15, 2017, actress Alyssa Milano encouraged spreading the hashtag #MeToo, to attempt to draw attention to sexual assault and harassment.[10][21] Milano later acknowledged earlier use of the phrase by Burke.[18] Wikipedia

In 2006, Tarana Burke had tried to bring the phrase  “Me Too” to prominence.  Alyssa Milano succeeded in doing so.  Thanks to Twitter, her effort to popularize the hashtag struck a note.  The consequences were immediate and apparently will be with us for a while.

#MeToo hashtag, instant popularity, lasting consequences

#MeToo hashtag, instant popularity, lasting consequences

Intentional or not, such is the power of effective propaganda, using Twitter.

Heather Mac Donald, 2018 Hillsdale College Pulliam Fellow, gave a lecture on the #MeToo movement on April 18, 2018.


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