Facebook locked me out

I guess, it had to happen, sooner or later.  Facebook locked me out.  Here is what they told me about why.  They told me nothing other than what is in the following:

Facebook's community standards are wrong.

Facebook’s ‘Community Standards’: The truth violates FB’s standards on hate speech

That is downright Orwellian.  At any rate, without Facebook giving me any warning, Facebook locked me out.  I can no longer log in.  All that happens is that I get the notification shown above.  It took only seconds after I had posted my response to Lorne Winsor, and I was locked out.

I supposedly have a way of telling Facebook that I am not happy about what they did to me, mainly because their “community standards” do not comply with Canadian laws.  I told them that. I’ll see what happens.

Update, eleven hours later:
I noticed that FB had relented and permits me to log in to FB again, but FB had removed my response to Lorne Winsor from my timeline. FB censorship is still alive and well.  It’s just that FB reduced the penalty they had imposed for transgressing their Orwellian community standards.

According to FB, I have been judged guilty of promoting hate speech.

I have had enough of FB.  If they restore my access, fine (provided they apologize to me).  If they don’t, they can go and drown themselves.  I was happy before FB.  I will be happy again without FB.  I will not let FB decide whether anyone may or may not abide by Canadian laws. There is no way I will let FB constrain my lawful freedom of speech.

As to Facebook’s presumptuous assertion that  “Only you can see this post because it goes against our standards on hate speech.”, they are obviously wrong about that, too.

I’ll now be able to devote more time to sprucing up my blog, dads&things.  It needs a lot more work that I will now have more time doing.

—Walter, a legal immigrant (1962) and legally a Canadian citizen since 1967 (when people wanting to become Canadian still had to comply with Canadian laws; and they still must today, Facebook or not)

It is not a good thing that a large corporation without a legislated mandate and with little control by democratically elected legislators through any regulatory agencies has the enormous extent of power to influence, control and steer what billions of people in the world will think and talk about in their everyday activities. Such power vastly exceeds that of Big Brother described by George Orwell in ‘1984’.

#FacebookLockedMeOut #FacebookCensorship

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3 Responses to Facebook locked me out

  1. My short response to Lorne Winsor that FB took offence to should perhaps have mentioned what the small minds at FB cannot comprehend, namely the circumstances of the sentencing of lawbreakers who happen to be true asylum seekers.

    Asylum seekers will very rarely be incarcerated for long. Many will be granted asylum and become full-fledged citizens of the country in which they seek asylum. Very few asylum seekers will be turned away and deported.

    That is good, and it is the way it should be, but it does not change the fact that anyone who sneeks into a country not his own, in violation of that country’s immigration laws, while ignoring official border crossings and entry points, is breaking that country’s laws.

    FB is way out of line by insisting that to point that out is a violation of “FB Community Standards” and “FB hate speech standards”.

    FB does not have a moral, ethical or legal leg to stand on by superimposing its not-legislated standards, to trump legislated law and order in individual nations.

    What will be next, FB insisting that we all leave the doors to our homes unlocked, or perhaps leaving car doors unlocked with the keys in the ignition switch? I would very much love to have FB explain their stance and to have them demonstrate that they are capable of rational thinking.

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