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Misattributed paternity in non-contested paternity cases

Updated 2021 01 05, to add links to information on non-invasive paternity testing. Misattributed paternity in non-contested paternity cases is ubiquitous, not as rare as often claimed (about one in a 100) but more likely about one in ten. Evidence for the scale of surprising paternity What is the evidence that misattributed paternity (in plain English: paternity fraud) exists, and what does the evidence say about its scale? A good indication that it exists is the disquiet about paternity tests! Those who criticize the availability of these tests do so because they have no doubt that a portion of test results will bear bad tidings. Here are items from various … Continue reading

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Facebook locked me out

I guess, it had to happen, sooner or later.  Facebook locked me out.  Here is what they told me about why.  They told me nothing other than what is in the following: That is downright Orwellian.  At any rate, without Facebook giving me any warning, Facebook locked me out.  I can no longer log in.  All that happens is that I get the notification shown above.  It took only seconds after I had posted my response to Lorne Winsor, and I was locked out. I supposedly have a way of telling Facebook that I am not happy about what they did to me, mainly because their “community standards” do not … Continue reading

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