Fort Saskatchewan Solo Liquor Store provides discounts?

Yesterday I found out that the Fort Saskatchewan Solo Liquor Store (the one right next to Giant Tiger, the one with the big sign on the store front that reads “Solo Liquor Discounts”) does not deliver what it promises but tries to bamboozle its customers by charging a higher price at the till than what the label on the shelf indicates for an item.

Solo Liqur Store ad

Does that Solo Liquor ad adhere to truth in advertising?
Not when one goes by what I found out yesterday.

Ruth and I had finished with running our chores in Fort Saskatchewan – medical tests, having a quick bite to eat after a long fast, shopping…. The last stop we made was at Giant Tiger.  I noticed that the space next to Giant Tiger, in the former Safeway Store, was now occupied by a Solo Liquor Store. It was the first time I had seen that store and decided to give it a visit.  I walked in, to the shelves with the Scotch and found what I wanted, a 750 ml bottle of “Johnny Walker, Red Label”, labelled with a shelf price of $29.99, and carried it to the check-out counter, to pay.

I used my credit card to pay and noticed that the price I was supposed to pay was $31.59, $1.60 more than what the price label at the shelf had indicated.  “Just a moment,” I said, “aren’t you giving me a senior’s discount?”

The man at the cash register told me, “No.  All the items are discounted already,”  to which I responded: “I can get the very same bottle for a lower price in Bruderheim.”  He asked, “How much of a discount do they give you?” I said, “I don’t know the exact amount, but the last time I bought one of these in Bruderheim, I paid $28-something, a bit under $29.00, but tell me.  What sort of deal is this?  You advertise this on your shelf as being priced at $29.99 and then you charge me $31.59 when I pay for it.  I think I’ll make my purchase where I can get it at a better price” and pulled my credit card out of the reader.

Not all things are cheaper to buy in Bruderheim, but Scotch is.

Not all things are cheaper to buy in Bruderheim, but Scotch is.

Back in Bruderheim, I went to Spirit of Bruderheim and bought the same bottle for for $29.12, $2.47 cheaper.

Unfortunately, groceries cannot be bought cheaper in Bruderheim than elsewhere. Many grocery items sell at substantially higher prices than what they cost in Fort Saskatchewan.  You will most definitely experience that Bruderheim sales prices for groceries are inflated at the till by a factor of often close to 2.  You need to pay attention at the till in Bruderheim, or you will be sorry, but that is a different story that has a lot of aspects.


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