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Fort Saskatchewan Solo Liquor Store provides discounts?

Yesterday I found out that the Fort Saskatchewan Solo Liquor Store (the one right next to Giant Tiger, the one with the big sign on the store front that reads “Solo Liquor Discounts”) does not deliver what it promises but tries to bamboozle its customers by charging a higher price at the till than what the label on the shelf indicates for an item. Ruth and I had finished with running our chores in Fort Saskatchewan – medical tests, having a quick bite to eat after a long fast, shopping…. The last stop we made was at Giant Tiger.  I noticed that the space next to Giant Tiger, in the … Continue reading

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Shady deal involving Canadian Atlantic Fishery

A shady deal involving Canadian Atlantic Fishery (h/t Jeff Rowsell) Something is rotten with the state of the fishery in Canada’s Atlantic provinces and family members of Canada’s Liberal Party using a back-room deal to corner a lucrative chunk of the harvest of Arctic surf clams, giving indigenous interests competition by non-indigenous interests. It is not that federal Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc did not know about the shady deal being made: Tories ask ethics commissioner to probe fishery bid they say favours Liberal insiders Company behind winning bid is run by the brother of Nova Scotia Liberal MP Darrell Samson John Paul Tasker · CBC News · Posted: May 07, 2018 6:10 PM ET … Continue reading

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Weather Forecast Accuracy

Updated 2019 05 06, to add links to related articles. The weather forecast accuracy, or rather the persistent lack of it, has been bothering me for a long time. I had wanted to get an appreciation of what I had suspected and what is virtually never mentioned, namely that weather forecasts consistently miss their mark and by how much.  That is a fairly important issue, it seems. After all, forecasters cannot accurately predict what the local weather conditions will be a few days or even only one day in advance.  What hope is there that climate change for the end of the century can be predicted with a credible or … Continue reading

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Rente retten

Rente retten – Dieser Auftrag einer neuen Kommission von zehn Experten macht Claudia Kirn Sorgen, und sie (mit allen anderen Rentnern in Deutschland, wie auch in allen anderen entwickelten Staaten) ist berechtigt sich darüber Sorgen zu machen. “Die deutsche Gesellschaft überaltert, vor allem wegen der stark steigenden Lebenserwartung,” stellt der Spiegel Artikel fest.  Nee, wirklich?  Ist das Problem nicht, dass nicht mehr genügend Arbeitnehmer produziert werden oder dass sie ungenügende Steuern zahlen, weil die Arbeitsstellen nach Südost Asien and andere Länder exportiert wurden? Was die stark steigende Lebenserwartung angeht, die Behauptung ist leider stark übertrieben, da die Realität sehr stark von den übertriebenen Erwartungen abweicht. Nach dem Institute for Health Metrics … Continue reading

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