Sources of Indian rape statistics deplorable

In reference to Indian rape statistics, Siddharthasankar Mukherjee stated:

Indian feminist, Indian secular and Indian commu are the most formidable character-assassinators of India. The proof is here. Compare epidemic rape-hysteria and following data.

Indian rape statistics

Indian rape statistics in the context of rape statistics for other countries

Wikipedia is neither the best nor the most reliable source of either rape statistic for any country or of rape statistics for India.

The Wikipedia article you indicated states: “Times of India reported the data by National Crime Records Bureau unveiling that 93 women are being raped in India every day[133]

When you follow that reference to the indicated Times of India article, you will find this:

93 women are being raped in India every day, NCRB data show

Christin Mathew Philip | TNN | Updated: Jul 1, 2014, 12:46 IST

That article states: “According to NCRB data, there is a gradual increase in the number of rapes reported in India – from 24,923 in 2012 to 33,707 in 2013.”

Dividing 365 into 33,707 results in 92.35 women being raped each day. Rounded down, that would be 92 women, not 93 women being raped each day, but why quibble over a little rounding error? In a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants, things happen.

The Wikipedia article, in the section, “By country,” contains a table,
“Rape at the national level, number of police-recorded offenses,” that shows NCRB rape statistics for India, as shown here:

Indian Rape Statistics

India — Rape Statistics


Why does the Wikipedia article not contain the latest NCRB data? The latest NCRB rape statistics would have been reported in 2017 for the year 2016.

The Wikipedia article states:

“The National Crime Records Bureau of India suggests a reported rape rate of 2 per 100,000 people, much lower than reported rape incidence rate in the local Indian media.[35][132] However, Times of India reported the data by National Crime Records Bureau unveiling that 93 women are being raped in India every day[133]

Rape is the fourth-most common crime against women in India.[134][135]…”

How can one believe statements such as “The National Crime Records Bureau of India suggests a reported rape rate of 2 per 100,000 people”? The NCRB suggests nothing of the sort! The rape incidence rates identified by the NCRB for 2004 to 2010 quite clearly state that in not one of the indicated years is the rape incidence rate higher than 1.8 per 100,000 (10 1 Lakh) population, by far one of the lowest rape incidence rates of all countries in the world. That is worth celebrating! It shows that, in a country with close to 1.3 billion residents things happen. They happen more often than they do in countries with much smaller populations, but in India they happen far less often than is the norm in the world!

It shows that, compared to rape incidence rates in the rest of the world, India’s women are some of the least-likely of all to be raped! Why does no one ever mention that? That leads people to assume that India’s politicians and officials – in concert with the Indian media – are engaged in a systematic program of vilifying and deprecating India’s men.

Yet, one other aspect in relation to the undeserved focus on India’s women in regard to rape statistics glares by its absence. Where are the statistics that show how many Indian men are being raped?

Do not think for a moment that no men are being raped, or that men can only be raped by other men.

Here are some circumstances in the U.S. that should make India’s public officials and policy makers take a closer look at Indian rape statistics.

Rape – propaganda talking-point debunked

After all, Indians are human, too. They live on the same planet as do other humans. Indians have human failings as all other humans do. It is a great injustice to one half of India’s population, the male half, to misrepresent the crimes it commits and to ignore the crimes committed against its members.

What are Indian men’s rights activists doing to illustrate the NCRB data in ways the NCRB does not, to show crimes against men and crimes against women, side by side, so clearly and so easily comprehensible that the Indian media and the media of the world use it as their first place to go to when they collect information on articles for any selected victim group of their choice?

Do Indian men’s rights activists plan to take the leadership in becoming the most reliable and most trusted source of such information? It needs to be nothing more than better presentation of official crime statistics, with links to articles that present corrections of misrepresentations of crime statistics by India’s official source of such statistics, namely the NCRB.

Let there be no mistake. India’s NCRB does lie about its own statistics. The NCRB has a long record of misrepresenting accurate statistics in ways that turn public perceptions about who comprises the major victim group (men) on their head, so that women are being perceived to be the primary victims of crimes and discrimination.

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