Actual Average Lifespans Decline — US Women Lose Big

» Actual Average Lifespans Decline — U.S. Women Lose Big « That should have been in the headlines of the front pages for years.  It wasn’t.  International Women’s Day is not over. It would be over now, largely gone from our minds, if it weren’t for the news.  The news during the past few days mentioned much about discrimination against women, about an escalating epidemic of sexual harassment, about the persistent pay gap (entirely mythical, when examined objectively, which is of course never mentioned) that puts women at a disadvantage, and many more things like that – feminists had decided years ago – needed to be eradicated to make women more equal.

In all of the news I watched and read during the past few years and especially during the past few days, there was not a word about the very real issue that actual average lifespans decline, and that U.S. women are being seriously affected by that.  Do the newscasters, pundits and experts discussing the issues they like to discuss live on the same planet as the rest of us normal mortals, or is it that we normal mortals are not supposed to learn about the important facts of life and death?

After waking up, it usually takes a while before I have the courage to move my feet out of the bed and onto the floor. If the news are on the radio, I listen. That gets me sufficiently riled up to make me want to get up and to begin my search for evidence of reality and of objectivity in relating to it. The news don’t offer much of either.

I wish it was Jordan Peterson or someone like him who is reading the news. Then I would not be trying to make headway with the onerous task of attempting to resist being choked by political correctness that causes the orgy of feeling compassion for the poor, suffering women of the world.  The pundits with their commentaries and with their discussions they had with the experts of their liking were ladling it out and laying it on, this morning.  They had enough of it to go around.  They were obviously full of and bursting with it.

When the whole world looks for evidence of suffering women, it will not fail to find it, and every pundit gets in on the feeding frenzy. The suffering of poor oppressed women is a nice, big, fat, red herring to drag across the trail of human progress and especially of those who have their gender lenses firmly implanted and make a nice living of looking through them.  How come they don’t want to see the elephant in the room, the fact that the sum of discrimination of the sexes is expressed quite nicely by their respective actual average lifespans?

Still, in view of what is happening to U.S. women, the beneficiaries of the lion’s share of the blessings bestowed by feminism, how much more equal are women to become? When will enough be enough? What is the objective, when the goal was surpassed a long time ago?  The feminists should have quit while women were ahead and still had it good.

No mention during International Women’s Day 2018 that actual average lifespans decline and that US women lose big

David Thomas’ ‘Not Guilty: In Defence of the Modern Man’ (1993) 1 will be the main source of a few quotes I am collecting for the conclusion of my article series, ‘Single-Gender Classes’. 2‘Not Guilty’ contains this gem:

»Armed with their wage packets and fortified by booze and the new, fashionable female machismo, young women are now taking to the road with all the mad abandon of their boyfriends and beginning to kill themselves with increasing frequency. Before they do, they should consider one important fact which sober, health conscious, emotionally open men have cottoned onto: the traditional male life style is hazardous to your health. It doesn’t carry a government warning, but it should. Once women start to behave like men, and work like men, and earn like men, they may well start to die like them, too.«

— p. 29, second-last par.

That, stated 25 years ago, was not a prediction.  It was and still is a statement of fact.  In the U.S., where yesterday International Women’s Day was celebrated (and it still is in the news today) with such reckless abandon, women’s actual average lifespans began to decline in 2014, and the rate of decline could well begin to accelerate. A bit of objectivity in celebrating human achievements would have made that fact hit the front pages ever since it became known that it would happen, let alone after it did. That is what the pursuit of the Holy Grail of long-sought equality for women is all about.  It appears to have come to an end, as it shortens women’s average lifespans!  That is of course not to be mentioned, ever, especially not on International Women’s Day.

Actual average lifespans decline -- Lifespans in the United States

Lifespans in the United States
Was it coincidence that the actual average lifespans reached their
plateau and thereafter declined during the Obama years?

So, does anyone know why that statistic is not being discussed, not even on International Women’s Day 2018? The MSM have been silent on that important issue for more than four years already! Do the MSM not have the guts to be honest enough about that the most outstanding achievement of feminism’s pursuit of the agenda for achieving equality for women is that it is shortening women’s average lifespans? What is up with that?

Should it perhaps not be a concern for all those gender warriors – who make a good living off manufacturing concern for poor suffering women – that they should find out whether the advances made by feminism are the reason why the U.S. is leading the pack in the race to gain 1st prize,  to bring about the decline of women’s average lifespans, or is it? 3

Addendum (2018 03 14)

The history of the transition of UNICEF, from an organization that had come to save the lives of hundreds of millions of children, to one that made it its primary mission to have children killed before they are born, by the hundreds of millions.

The International Organizations Research Group


Douglas A. Sylva, Ph.D.
Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

© 2003, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute 4


For decades, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has enjoyed perhaps the finest reputation of any large international organization. UNICEF earned this reputation through an earnest, unwavering commitment to improve the health and lives of as many children as possible. Unfortunately, this reputation is increasingly at risk, and it is at risk because powerful forces both within the organization and within the larger international community have demanded that UNICEF change, that it alter its traditional child survival programs and that it add new and ever-more controversial programs, that it consciously and consistently embrace a newly dominant ideology in all that it does – the ideology of radical feminism. Radical feminism [1] has come to define the current UNICEF, even to the possible detriment of UNICEF’s original mandate to help children. The story of UNICEF is a cautionary tale, a tale of how difficult it is for international organizations to retain autonomy, to retain control over their own policies, to remain free from the influence of this powerful ideology. UNICEF still saves many children’s lives, but a reformation of UNICEF programming will be necessary for UNICEF to perform as much good as possible. A reformation in programming – and perhaps personnel – will be necessary for UNICEF to regain its reputation as the world’s pre-eminent child-care organization. «4

More at: (673 kB)

Unfortunately, no one responsible for UNICEF outside of or within UNICEF implemented the recommendation with which Douglas A. Sylva closed the introduction to his discussion paper. UNICEF is just as deadly now to the welfare of children and their families as it had become during its usurpation by feminist ideologists decades ago.

The deplorable aspect of that is, by being deadly to children about to be borne, UNICEF is not kind but sadistically cruel and deadly to the families of the children those families are being deprived of having. In nations without functioning or well-functioning social safety nets, the families intent on having had those children are being deprived of the only viable social safety net available to them. Those parents without children will die when they are sick, disabled or too old to be able to earn their living. Parents without children die!

Parents without children die, usually because they are too weak to go begging. That is even true in developed nations, but there the misery of declining living standards due to a lack of children will take longer to make itself felt, as socialist government largess  ensures that the misery of parents without children is being spread out over all people and a longer interval. For that reason it is also taking longer in the developed nations for that truth to sink in. Nevertheless, in both the U.S. and in Canada that truth has already arrived, without anyone having noticed or wanting to mention it.

Average lifespans in the U.S. and Canada reached a plateau in about 2010. In the U.S. they have been declining since 2014. It is to be expected that the average lifespans in Canada and in other developed nation will soon be in steady decline as well, as that is the inexorable consequence of shrinking young, productive population sectors increasingly less able to support the needs of a growing population sector of the elderly.


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