Single-gender classes

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Once upon a time, single-gender classes were thought to be important.  Once-upon a time they were the rule, when they were called boys-classes or -schools, and girls-classes or -schools, when things were still simple and there were thought (or claimed) to be only two sexes, but that changed.

Single-gender classes — All Male Advantage - Covington Catholic High School

All Male Advantage – Covington Catholic High School

Single-sex classes (as they were at times called) were out, and co-ed classes were in.  Today, the issue of co-ed classes progressed to the point where the term sex, to identify biological differences, is no longer called sex but gender.  There is a reason for that, but first let me mention that, on 2008 08 01, I had posted a blog commentary on single-gender classes that now can no longer be found at dads&things.  Various links at still point to it, but the article vanished.  Attempts to access the article produce 404 errors.  That is the reason why I feel it to be necessary to put together another commentary on single-gender classes.

Does it need to be said?  Single-gender classes for boys need to be taught by men.

Single-gender classes work, teachers and parents say

Single-gender classes work, teachers and parents say

You may wish to skip this note.

» The Internet Archive contains evidence of a 2008 08 01 commentary at dads&things on single-sex classes, but some of those references state that the commentary cannot be found.  Others state that the article is a 404 error page (at the address of the article that is no longer there, a 404 error page that I don’t recall setting up — my blog, unfortunately (but that is a different story) never had a 404 error page that I knew of, until I set one up, just a few days ago — while other evidence at the Internet Archive shows apparently corrupted portions of blog pages that I don’t recall having seen in the state that they are in, with corrupted portions of their headers and no other content. At any rate, whatever the article once contained is no longer where it is supposed to be.  All traces of the commentary at the address it once contained are gone, and of the page there are only traces of incomprehensible remnants in the Internet Archive.

I strongly suspect that whatever the article had stated was sabotaged by someone through deleting it, and that the 404 error page had been put into its place, so as not to draw my attention to the fact that the article had been deleted.  It is incomprehensible that there should have been such an error page, as I never saw it and most certainly did not delete it.

During the past few days I noticed that quite a few visitors try to access the article and cannot find it, because, although it once existed, it no longer does.  The interest is there, for which reason it is a good idea – it seems to me – to put together another commentary on the issue, rather than to finish the re-writing of history that some hackers had attempted so imperfectly.  Okay, back to single-gender classes. «

End of note

Single-gender classes or co-ed classes, the students attending them must work hard to acquire the language skills necessary to give them the fluency in Gender-Newspeak required to permit them to cope with the new gender-reality that is causing escalating inflation of the number of genders.

Do not think gender

To think “Gender” is politically incorrect.

Gender is no longer a simple thing.  Gender is gaining in complexity.  More and more genders are being created as we speak (or as this is being read).  Our students must prepare for the brave, new world of gender, as must adults, or they will face heavy fines and worse.  Nevertheless, ‘gender’, once-upon-a-time (not all that long ago) taken for granted, when it was still called ‘sex’, is now the all-important elephant in the room to which our attention is constantly being drawn but which we are not to notice, because that would be sexist.

This is no longer a confrontation of Nature vs. Nurture.  It is a full-fledged, massive program for social re-engineering that will – whether it is designed to do that or not is immaterial – create much confusion, a new source of of copious income for the legal community, much pain and much financial gain (one party’s gain is another’s pain). Weep and beware!

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