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Gender under re-construction: Social justice warriors (SJWs) had been fighting for a long time to have co-ed classes for both sexes, but, once they had achieved to make them a reality, that was just a first step.  They also demanded that the term sex, to identify biological differences between males and females of the human species, was not longer desired.  They deemed that term to be sexist, discriminatory to the minuscule minorities of what not very long ago were five different genders (apparently to teach those a lesson who thought that there are only two sexes).

Then there were five, even seven genders

Gender under re-construction was a concept recognized by Robert H. Bork throughout much of his book, 'Slouching Towards Gomorrah' but he gave it special attention in Chapter 11, 'The Politics of Sex: Radical Feminism's Assault on American Culture'.

Robert H. Bork

“These attitudes are not merely the personal idiosyncrasies of these writers.  At the Beijing conference, for instance, the word “family” was not to appear in the Platform.  Instead, the word “household” was used.  The significance of this is to be found in the feminist insistence upon use of the word “gender.” There being five genders, unions or marriages involving any gender or genders are legitimate.  These unions can be called households. The traditional family is then presented as a household, just one form of living arrangement, not superior to any other.  Indeed, since feminists view the family as a system of oppression, and since feminism contains a large lesbian component, the marriages of men and women are often seen as morally inferior to unions involving the other three genders.”

Robert H. Bork, in
Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline (1996)
In Chapter 11,
The Politics of Sex: Radical Feminism’s Assault on American Culture
p. 205, last par.

The five genders referred to by Robert H. Bork were:

  1. Heterosexual male;
  2. Heterosexual female;
  3. Homosexual male (commonly referred to as “gay” and understood to be male, comprising less than two percent of the male sector of humanity);
  4. Homosexual female (commonly referred to as “lesbian” and understood to be female, comprising less than two percent of the female sector of humanity), and
  5. Bisexual male/female (once upon a time commonly understood to comprise people who exhibit sexual characteristics of both sexes, people who are, in medical terms, chimeras, an extremely rare chromosomal aberration)

The Beijing Women’s Conference took place in 1995.  That was sufficiently long-ago for Wikipedia to redact any mention of, and all references to it from its version of history (Wikipedia, once upon a time, did carry an article dedicated to that conference, while now it no longer mentions the conference).  Some feminists, without a doubt, hope that soon all references and accounts of that conference will be gone for good — at least from the Internet — but for now not even Google has been able to obscure all links to articles on the topics, as an advanced search with Google, for “beijing women’s conference”, still produces a list of “about 313 results” (2018 03 06 9:18).  So far so good.

Little did Robert H. Bork know, when he wrote Slouching Towards Gomorrah, that it would not be long before SJWs would clamor that not only would gender be more inclusive for the five genders they had argued for at the Beijing Women’s Conference, but that they would add two more, to make the list of genders more inclusive by adding two more, which required the subdividing of the male and female varieties of homosexuality into two more categories, each, thus:

  1. Male homosexual
    1. Butch
    2. Femme
  2. Female homosexual
    1. Butch
    2. Femme

See?  That is not so bad.  Allow for those additional categories, allow also for bisexuality (two in one makes one, but anyone with just a touch of smarts can already see the problem that bisexuality requires more than just one category), make room for the 98 percent of humans who prefer to be male and female, because that is what they are) and you have to allow only for seven genders.  Any child can deal with that, right? Gender under re-construction is now well underway.

It is not quite so obvious, other than to a child that is naturally more objective and has not yet absorbed all of the prejudices and wisdom that people acquire by the time they become adults, that by establishing the rightful existence of more than just the two traditional genders, male and female, something else has happened.  The normalizing of  normal human sexuality down to the level of sexual aberrations that don’t fit the norm (conversely, by recognizing sexual aberrations and thereby equating them to the norm), that gave sexual aberrations that did not fit the norm of civilization for the last ten-thousand years validity equal to the norm that was the norm because 98 percent of more of humanity lived by that norm.  Any child can see that, so they do, and so do most other people, wherefore social evolution now takes a new path.

We now have gender under re-construction.

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