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Social re-engineering, in consequence of second-wave feminism, prevails in today’s society.  Many think that is good.  The why and how that came about are not so clear, the consequences often not considered.

Feminist social re-engineering is harmful

Bait and switch

Second-wave feminism was launched in the 1960s.  These pages provide a summary of why and what happened after that.


The Present: Breadwinner moms are hard up

Last year [2014], the Ketchum consulting firm released a study22 showing that “49% of U.S. women … are now the primary breadwinner or on par financially with their significant others – a trend that is progressing more quickly than even recent major studies showed.”

In itself, this is a major shift from past decades.  What this statistic does not capture, however, is that single mothers earn significantly less than do families with two parents. According to the Census Bureau, in 2013, the median income for families headed by single mothers was $26,148.  In contrast, the median income for families with two parents was $84,916. ….

Quoted from:
The State of Your Family’s Economy, 2015
By Rob Schwarzwalder
Family Research Council

The income difference is substantial. It appears that many women have an aversion to being well off, or else they would not so eagerly opt for the life style of a single mother. That does not appear to make much sense. Consider:

  • All things being equal, the gender income gap vanishes. Yet the feminists keep on fighting to make women ever “more equal” than men.
  • When it comes to families with children, the average household income for single-mother families is about one-third that of households with two parents.

Husbands (fathers, protectors and providers in families) should obviously be in great demand. Women should be falling over themselves trying to get them and to try even harder to keep them. Still, it appears that most women and the vast majority of society, and virtually all social institutions are out to derogate, vilify and abrogate the intact, two-parent family.

Much of the social re-engineering targets men and especially fathers in families, obviously because they are the weakest links in the two-parent family and the easiest to break. That puts a steadily growing number of women on the road of hard, miserable lives, full of constant struggle. That produces deplorable outcomes in children of single-mother families. It does not do anything good for society and the welfare of nations. We know that. Nevertheless, those deplorable outcomes are being actively sought.

Beginning in the 1960s, an all-out war began against fathers in families.  Who is at fault?  If you believe the feminists, men are.

social re-engineering inspires creativity: you can blame men for *everything* !

… and give them credit for nothing.

The caption for the cartoon should be amended to read: “It’s so cool! If you use your imagination, you can blame men for everything, and give them credit for nothing!”

So, what is this? What happened?  Did something cause mass insanity, to trigger the social re-engineering of society?

I had posted the preceding thoughts to Facebook.  A fathers rights activist
from California, Robert L. Cheney Jr., stated,

“It’s a religion, started by The Feminine Mystique. This was during a time, that America led every social indicator across the world, when woman were the happiest, when they and the nation lived in the highest living standard in the world, when both men and woman did well—it was destroyed for a “problem with no name” (happiness). Now feminist say we don’t want to go back to the ’50s and ’60s—but rather they want to push the world back into the social condition that existed on the plains of Africa 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.”

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  1. Jack Day wrote, 2018 03 09, in response to this introduction to the preceding introduction to ‘ Communism → second-wave feminism → social re-engineering’: “Feminism is HATE!!!”

    Right, so let’s add to that:

    1. Selfishness
    2. Fanaticism
    3. Communism in panties
    4. Communism in drag
    5. The cause of the destruction (within three short generations) of ten-thousand years of cultural evolution
    6. A deadly cult (the killing of children in their mothers’ wombs, only close to a million a year now in just in the U.S., even though condoned and and often paid for by the State, is still a deadly experience for the targets that would otherwise would have been born and would have had long, good and productive lives), and

    Many more….

    Let us count the ways. Write to me at dads$things and add your view of what feminism is.

    I know. Comments are closed at this blog, and few readers will even see this comment, because they don’t expect there to be any, but I cannot help that. Without any help and resources, this is the best I can do. It works. It does help to keep the blog safe against hackers.

    Nevertheless, given that you read this, take a moment and add your view of what feminism is. I will add it to the list shown here.

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