The wall at the border, down Mexico way

The “wall” at the U.S.-Mexico border

Originally posted on FB, January, 28, 2017

Why is the liberal media obsessing about that wall? How is it any different from the walls around one’s home? Walls keep us safe, but they cost money.

Funding the wall at the border, down Mexico-way

Funding may not be quite that easy to come by

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team has signaled to congressional Republican leaders that his preference is to fund the border wall….Source CNN

So far, we still have the right to build, sell, rent and purchase homes that have walls, walls with doors and windows in them. We still have that right and are well advised to secure the windows and to keep the doors locked, basically all day, but especially at night.

We can open the doors to our homes to let in anyone we wish to have come in, and we can keep the doors locked to keep out the people whom we wish to keep out, even if they are merely squatters who wish to be fed at our dinner tables.  Why should the nation in which one’s home is located not only have the right but the obligation to keep its borders secure by constructing a wall?

As to who pays for such a wall, why not use the law of the range? When two property owners have their properties divided by a common fence, the decision of who is responsible for the installation, upkeep and maintenance of the fence is simple. When a property owner stands at the middle of it and looks at the fence, the half of the fence that is to the right of him is his to build, maintain and repair.

If there are any disputes over that, because one of the two owners is not doing his share of due diligence, things go to court and are settled without any problem, usually at the expense of the laggard.

When higher powers are involved, it becomes a bit of a problem, but a court that will make a reasonable, equitable decision is not impossible to find, if no agreement between the two interested parties can be reached.

Things are only difficult and perhaps next to impossible to settle, when a fence dispute is at such a high level that it is not possible to go any higher. The U.S and Mexico have it good, in comparison.

Take a fence dispute between Satan and St. Peter, when Satan’s cows kept getting out at his portion of the fence that was in disrepair, when Satan refused to make repairs or bring the fence up to snuff, and when St. Peter told him: “Well, Buddy, then you leave me no choice. I’ll have to take you to court,” and Satan said: “Ha! Where’ll you get a lawyer?!” (Keep in mind that judges are lawyers, to.)


The local seniors club keeps it door locked when no one is there. That is most definitely a wise thing to do, considering the frequent break-ins that happen in not only the business district but also in the residential areas of the thriving metropolis of Bruderheim, a town of about 1,500 residents in Alberta, Canada.

The property on which the seniors club is located does not have any fences, because as every farmer knows who has no trouble with keeping his cows at home, a fence around the property of the seniors club would be a challenge to be overcome by any juvenile delinquent. So, the seniors club may as well not have a fence around its property, as it would need constant repair. The seniors don’t have the money or the time to look after that. Where there is nothing, nothing needs repairing, and if there were any animals that would wander in and eat the grass, so much the better.

Fences or walls are only good if they keep things out and in, such as people whose qualities are not known, and illegal drugs. I don’t know all the details of what the exchange in unvetted, illegal immigrants and drugs is that goes the other way, but if there is any of that, Mexico does not seem to be concerned about the size of the influx of those from the U.S.

I have not been going to the seniors for a few years now, and I miss the 5 x 10 ft snooker tables, but I have a perfume sensitivity that gives me bad reactions. There is enough perfume at the seniors club to make it worse for me than playing Russian roulette with every chamber loaded. Reactions are certain to happen when I breathe in perfume (paint solvents do the same), but they vary in severity and don’t kill me, no more than bad colds do, which they resemble, and they last about as long.

My wife goes to the seniors club, and I’ll gave her a copy of this write-up, to immunize the members of the seniors club against ever getting the notion of building a fence around their property, through being able to contemplate the pros and cons of having fences.

As to the U.S.-Mexico border-wall (well, fence is more like it), neither Donald Trump nor Enrique Peña Nieto are members of the Bruderheim Seniors Club. Could someone be so good as to give them copies of this? 😉

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