dads&things now smartphone-friendly

I did what needed to be done to make dads&things smartphone-friendly.  It was not the most important thing on my mind, for far too long.  It should have been long ago.

dads&things is now smartphone friendly. Enjoy!

One of the many things that causes a search-engine provider like Google to give a website or a web page a low rank is if web pages are not smartphone-friendly.  Google themselves told me that, when I contacted them to find out why the traffic volume to my website had dropped of by one-third, overnight.  There is a good solution for that now.

I must work on it for a while to make it look nicer and work a bit better, but menu options in WordPress and just a few clicks permitted me to set up a menu for primary navigation for anyone who has a smart phone and wishes to pay a visit to dads&things.  It’ll take a little while to show up in the traffic statistics for the blog, but at least Google will be able to remove that handicap in their ranking of the pages at the blog;

dads&things is now smartphone friendly!

May you never be bored  — 900 blog posts on fathers’ right issues and a few other things to enjoy…  All at your finger tips.  How can you go wrong?!


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