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Chosen Family – The RareBirds of Kamloops

The RareBirds, a “chosen Family” of seven adults who live in a house they built and own, in Kamloops, B.C., are perhaps not as rare as the article about them makes them out to be. The article does not mention “child,” “son,” “daughter,” or “parents” once.  That is not a characteristic of the families that made Canada what it is. What will Canadian people do when they are in their 80s and need help with living? Will they sell their homes and move into assisted living accommodations, where they then have other people’s children and grandchildren pay for their accommodation? The article mentions that, if any vacancies occur, the RareBirds … Continue reading

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The Pillars of Islam – How many there are depends

Updated 2019 04 18 The number of the Pillars of Islam depends on which faction of Islam the Pillars relate to. The Four Pillars of Islam (Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi) What Are the Five Pillars of Islam? Six Pillars of Islam The Seven Pillars of Islam: The Esoterics of Walayah Ten Pillars of Islam Those are very real differences in the number of Pillars of Islam. The differences cause the ongoing tensions and strife between various factions of Islam. The most important difference is perhaps whether a given faction of Islam considers the obligation to include or exclude the Pillar of Islam that pertains to the importance of the Jihad. … Continue reading

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From the German ZDF: Trump disgrace for U.S. democracy

Trump disgrace for U.S. democracy.  Being the President of the United States is not an easy job, not when he must make the liberals in the whole world happy, amongst them the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of ZDF, Elmar Theveßen. Trump Schande für US-Demokratie (Trump Disgrace for US Democracy) ドイツ公共放送ZDFニュース(2017年5月27日) …. I am not a psychologist but a political scientist and a journalist: this US president is dangerous. We Europeans can not do anything about it. We must learn to live with it. But the American people do not have to. His representatives in Congress could remove Trump from from office. The Cabinet could declare him incapable of being President, according to Article 25 … Continue reading

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Trump lambasted on Paris ‘Agreement’ exit – is he wrong?

The liberal media are making an uproar over Donald Trump having announced that the U.S. will be leaving the “Paris Agreement,” the joining of which was never yet authorized by Congress. Many public figures expressed their disgust at Trump’s declaration: Elon Musk Quits Work With White House After Trump Exits Climate Accord Tesla chief says leaving Paris agreement is ‘not good for America or the world’; Disney CEO resigns from council, stated the Wall Street Journal. Good riddance! Trump bailing on the the Paris Agreement would be a middle finger to the future, claims World News.  It is, of course, a baseless claim. US leaving Paris Agreement would leave me ‘extremely … Continue reading

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Female aspects favor women, Germany post-WWII

This article discusses the female surplus that prevailed in post-war Germany, not just on account of the effects of post-World War II but because of post-World War I conditions as well. “Female surplus” is of course relative.  It is a euphemism for a shortage of males. That should give everyone something to think about, as it wasn’t then and never is a triviality. The graphic and other German census information are shown at The population pyramid shown here was constructed from 1950 data and depicts the size of population age groups by year, size, male and female, as they were counted by the German Census Bureau for 1950 data on hand.  The population pyramid shows not all … Continue reading

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