Public violence against Indian men not the deadliest

Indian Women Assault Men – Police Congratulate” used to happen a lot in India, does it still? It served well to put men in their place, deserved or not.  Still, public violence against Indian men is not the deadliest.

Average life-expectancy in India - Outcome a consequence of violence against Indian men

Average life-expectancy in India


Men and women had equally long lives on average in India, not all that long ago.

That was admirable, as that should be used as the standard for the desired outcome of the consequences of equal rights for the sexes. Nevertheless, the vilification of India’s men and the promoting of women’s rights and privileges led to India’s women now enjoying considerably longer lives than they did in 1960.

In 1960, Indian women’s lives were on average 6 percent (1.9 years) shorter than those of men.  Today they are 4.5 percent (3 years) longer than men’s lives are on average.

As always, women’s gains were men’s losses. Women’s average life expectancy increased by 28.6 years from what they were in 1960, while men’s average life expectancy increased only by 23.7 years in the same span of time, but notice.  The table shown above indicates Indian women’s life expectancy as ranking poorly, while men’s relatively equally short average life expectancy in 1960 and considerably shorter-than-women’s average life expectancy in 2015 requires no concern.  Surely, in absolute terms, men are now considerably worse off in India than women, but women still are the victims of oppression by men?  How can that be?  Does that not ignore violence against Indian men?

Whether public violence by women against men being condoned by police still frequently happens or not (a few years ago such things were quite common in India – that was during the media-promoted hate-campaign directed against men from Dec. 2012 to Mar. 2014) does not matter much. There are many ways by which men can be discriminated against, punished and even driven to death. Many of them are being used in India, very effectively!  Many of them appear to be promoted by India’s government, and those are very deadly to Indian men who all are the targets.  Government violence against Indian men is not at all hidden.  It is also escalating.

India is not a level playing field for men. A google search for "India violence against men" show absolutely no interest as per Internet searches during the past 13 years. That is a consequence of violence against Indian men.

India is not a level playing field for men. A Google Trends examination of Internet searches “India violence against men” shows absolutely no interest by anyone during the past 13 years. (Look at the blue line at the bottom of the graph.)  The red line in the graph indicates comparable public interest over time in the issue of “India violence against women”.

The Indian government, for more than 20 years now, has been promoting the perception that Indian women are victims, and — for just as long — it vilified men as oppressors of women, oppressors who need to be punished at every opportunity. India’s media, always eager to find news about calamities and villains, happily parroted their government’s vilification of India’s men.  That has had an effect that the Indian government apparently sought, with India’s government, the media and women’s rights organizations working themselves into a virtual feeding frenzy directed at Indian men.  That, too, is the committing of violence against Indian men.

Indian men commit suicide in ever larger numbers, 91,528 of them in 2015, vs. 42,088 women who did so in that year, while women’s numbers of suicide have been in decline since 2011 and have seen no overall increase, compared to 1995. Yet, the Indian Government lies about that.  It implements ever more legislation aimed at improving the lives of India’s women, while the lives of Indian men, never easy before, are becoming noticeably less worth living, with growing numbers of men, year after year, taking the ultimate way out from their escalating misery.  They commit suicide, in ever larger numbers.  The Indian government’s promotion of things that drive men to suicide is the committing of violence against Indian men.

The Indian Government lied about that for many years.  It lied about the escalating suicide epidemic that kills so many Indian men, most of them being fathers and husbands. More: “Indian Government habitually lies with statistics” June 17, 2018

Certainly, India is not the country with the highest suicide rate in the world, but it is the second-most populous nation. It has a suicide rate that is more than twice as high as those in most developed nations, close to three times as high as that of China. Still, India’s suicide rate ranks high on the list of all countries, 12th, to be exact. That translates to an astoundingly large number of suicide victims, a number that is larger than the number of suicide victims in any other country in the world. There is no escaping the truth that, too, is a consequence of government-promoted violence against Indian men.

Compare the suicide rate in India with those in other countries, e. g.: the suicide rates of India and Canada (scroll down a little, until you come to the table “TOP 50 CAUSES OF DEATH”).

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#IndiaSuicideStatistics #RajivMehrishi #NCRBSuicideStatisticsIndia

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