Trump lambasted on Paris ‘Agreement’ exit – is he wrong?

The liberal media are making an uproar over Donald Trump having announced that the U.S. will be leaving the “Paris Agreement,” the joining of which was never yet authorized by Congress.

Many public figures expressed their disgust at Trump’s declaration:

  • Elon Musk Quits Work With White House After Trump Exits Climate Accord
    Tesla chief says leaving Paris agreement is ‘not good for America or the world’; Disney CEO resigns from council, stated the Wall Street Journal. Good riddance!
  • Trump bailing on the the Paris Agreement would be a middle finger to the future, claims World News.  It is, of course, a baseless claim.
  • US leaving Paris Agreement would leave me ‘extremely disappointed,’ says Enel CEO, according to – Well, who elected him, and what ax does he have to grind?
  • Leaving Paris Agreement could be breach of human rights, says German expert, states Deutsche Welle.From the article, “Felix Ekardt is a lawyer, philosopher and sociologist. He holds a chair in Law and Science at the University of Rostock and is Director of the Research Unit Sustainability and Climate Policy based in Leipzig [and] Berlin.”That does not make Felix Ekardt an expert in matters of the climate, but he makes a good living out of furthering his career through promoting climate alarmism. Climate alarmism puts bread and butter on his table, but does he have to put his money where his mouth is? He does not pay taxes in the United States.

The outrage of the liberal media has no bounds, even though Donald Trump merely explained that he got elected to look after the interests of U.S. citizens, not those of the European Union. He is right, of course, but then we should all take a step back and consider whether any feelings — pro- or con-climate change — really matter in the long term.  Not only that, but — given where we are now in the roller coaster ride of long-term climate trends — from an objective perspective, we are not all that well off. A bit of warming, even if it could be caused by humans, which (as real science says, is not at all certain and unlikely to occur) would be a very good thing to happen, to us, and to all things on Earth.

Nevertheless, regardless of what Obama did, and what Trump says he should not have done, in matters of futile opposition to Nature, the climate will do what it always did. It will keep on changing. Let’s hope that it will change for the better and not so much to the worse.  It has been cold for a long time.

Study finds: ‘severe cold snap during the geological age known for its extreme greenhouse climate’, by Anthony Watts,

global temperature trend during the last 542 million years

The climate is a roller-coaster ride

In the meantime, let’s save our efforts and financial resources for what we must do when we need to adapt to what the climate may throw at us – and more power to Trump for keeping a cool head (unlike a prime minister I know who doesn’t).

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  1. Walter says:

    It seems that the Spiegel Staff are members of the Church of Global Warming and drank the Kool-Aid.

    Spiegel Online, June 02, 2017

    Paris Disagreement

    Donald Trump’s Triumph of Stupidity

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other G-7 leaders did all they could to convince Trump to remain part of the Paris Agreement. But he didn’t listen. Instead, he evoked deep-seated nationalism and plunged the West into a conflict deeper than any since World War II. By SPIEGEL Staff


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