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Meat tax penalizes poverty

A meat tax — No price too high to save the planet?  Well, it is not to keep us healthy but to raise tax revenues.  After all, the governments look for ever new and more inventive ways to raise money through taxes. A meat tax penalizes poverty. Meat Tax: Influential Report Calls For Meat To Be Taxed Like Cigarettes by Oliver Lane, Breitbart, 24 Nov 2015 An influential think-tank with close ties to government has co-authored a report advocating so called meat tax as a means to lower meat consumption worldwide. Tackling climate change and improving public health can be achieved by forcing consumers to eat less meat in their diets, … Continue reading

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Islam, religion of peace – chapter and verse

The concept of and assertion that Islam is a religion of peace clash with reality. The links shown after the preamble are to Quranic  verses shown at the Quranic Arabic Corpus, an annotated linguistic resource for the Holy Quran. The verses illustrate that the perception that Islam is a religion of peace is false. Index Preamble Quranic verses that instruct how to deal with infidels The Quran contains contradictions Abrogation serves to deal with contradictions in the Quran Jihad, to fight for Allah, is obligatory for Muslims Hijrah: Jihad by emigration Does the Islamic Jihad differ from Islamic terrorism? Can Islam be made a religion of peace? Related comment: The … Continue reading

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