Instant and excessive punishment

Instant and excessive punishment for a boy who interrupted his aunt while she was texting her boyfriend: Here is a report of a Chinese woman, an aunt who was baby-sitting her three-year-old nephew while his mom went to visit the neighbours.  She punished the little boy for interrupting her while she was using the bathroom.  Apparently, the aunt had not been doing anything special there, in the bathroom, nothing other than that she was texting her boyfriend.  Nevertheless, she cut off the boy’s penis to punish him for interrupting.

The poor little boy never had a chance to learn a lesson that other boys learn a bit later.

I was six when I learned a lesson I will never forget: Offences by males against females will be met and treated with disproportionately excessive punishment.  It happened like this:

In about the summer of 1943, when the bombing attacks on the German cities had begun in earnest, I was shipped to Bad Kissingen, to a more rural environment than that offered by my hometown, Duesseldorf, and a less-likely target of bombing raids.

Technically I was still in Grade I, but the class that I was made to join was a Grade II class, because of a half-year difference in the beginning of the school year in the Rhineland from that in Hesse.

One of our teachers took us on a nature walk. We were a co-ed class. The girls had the full attention of our female teacher (male teachers were at war), while we boys were largely left to explore nature on our own, which my buddy and I put to good use. We discovered that cockleburs make beautiful missiles that stick to sweaters and hair.

It was soon determined who the culprits were who had caused the commotion that resulted when some of the girls discovered the cockleburs that stuck to them and were not all that easily removed. Up to that time we had great fun, but that changed in very short order.

The teacher had decided to teach us the lesson that we needed to learn to cure us from the fun we had. She told a few of the largest and strongest girls in our group to get a few willow twigs, to strip them of leaves, get a hold of us and give us a whipping, primarily on the backs of our hands. That most definitely caused the worst pain I had ever experienced in my short life.

The lesson had the desired effect, and the welts I had for a few days on the backs of my hands and neck until they healed helped to drive the lesson home. I never forgot, obviously.

Perhaps that encouraged me not to explore the theoretical possibilities of cockleburs in supplying the principle that makes it possible to employ Velcro to replace zippers, but fortunately George de Mestral did, in using.his ingeniousness to produce another one of the many inventions that were produced by men over the ages to make the pleasures of civilization ever more pleasurable.

It was not the only time I got taught the same lesson.  I was taught similar lessons over and over, time and again, most of the time by my mother when I was younger, but even now, being 79 and going on 80, time and again women still teach me the same lesson.  It’s not because I am stubborn or not a good learner.  The slightest disagreement with many women triggers responses by them (or their supporters) that will make you believe they have to engage in an all-out fight for their lives.  It doesn’t even matter whether they are right or not.

Think about it, if you are a man.  The same thing is happening to you.  Let’s hope that there is truly eternal peace after we die, but I suspect not.  And just to be sure, always keep in mind that even little boys have their penises cut off, and that the same fate has befallen many grown men, not in just isolated cases.  Of course, there is  only minimal punishment for women who transgress in such a manner, if there is any punishment for them at all.

The Chinese aunt who cut her nephew’s penis off because he annoyed her will be facing five years incarceration, they say.  Don’t be surprised that what she will sentenced to will be much less than that, and that what she will actually be serving will be none to very little of what she will be sentenced to.  Women can commit such cruel crimes with impunity.

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