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Charity Bike Run

Lend your support to Dean Stokes by attending or participating. See also

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Does your house need to have its roof replaced?

We thought that it was time that our house needs to have its roof replaced. If you live in Lamont County, or close to it, and you need your roof fixed, consider Best West Roofing (@ ). I spoke to Dean Stokes about having our roof done, on Friday, June 12th.  He and his crew showed up the following Monday. They were done with replacing the shingles on our roof a day later, in the afternoon. Everything was cleaned up, and not a trace of them having done any work was left, other than our roof having new shingles.

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What happened to our appreciation of beauty?

Declining appreciation of beauty: Everyone on Facebook, other social media or in the slightest touched by what is being presented in the media must be aware of it. Society is on a downward slide with respect to many things: From peace into war; From the constant search for knowledge to the dumbing-down of society; From the raising of consciousness and awareness to numbing them with drugs; From honing and uplifting the senses to assaulting them; From enjoying human life and what it has to offer to the drive to vilify it as a curse and even to eradicate it on a massive, industrial scale; From beauty and harmony to ugliness … Continue reading

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Did feminism cause Greek debt crisis?

The head-line of the article linked here asks, “Did feminism cause the Greek debt crisis?”  As with generally all such rhetorical head-lines that end with a question mark, the answer to this one, too, is, “No.” Did feminism cause the Greek debt crisis? June 18, 2015 By Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has given Greece (another) iron-clad deadline to meet its debt repayment schedule – Greece must pay up by June 30th. Failure all but guarantees Greece will be booted out of the common European currency and forced to return to drachmas…. More: The commentary by Janet Bloomfield is not bad, but it is somewhat … Continue reading

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Instant and excessive punishment

Instant and excessive punishment for a boy who interrupted his aunt while she was texting her boyfriend: Here is a report of a Chinese woman, an aunt who was baby-sitting her three-year-old nephew while his mom went to visit the neighbours.  She punished the little boy for interrupting her while she was using the bathroom.  Apparently, the aunt had not been doing anything special there, in the bathroom, nothing other than that she was texting her boyfriend.  Nevertheless, she cut off the boy’s penis to punish him for interrupting. The poor little boy never had a chance to learn a lesson that other boys learn a bit later. I was … Continue reading

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Nobel laureate Tim Hunt resigns after ‘trouble with girls’ comments

Nobel laureate “UCL professor steps down after saying he was in favour of single-sex labs because girls fall in love with men, and ‘when you criticise them, they cry’” Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday, Hunt says he didn’t mean to cause offence but added he “did mean the part about having trouble with girls” Ben Quinn Thursday 11 June 2015 07.52 BST [Tim Hunt is a] Nobel laureate who said that scientists should work in gender-segregated labs and that the trouble with “girls” is that they cause men to fall in love with them has resigned from his position at University College London (UCL). Tim Hunt, … Continue reading

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Depopulating the world – A progress report

From a variety of sources, the implementing of the agenda for depopulating the world is progressing nicely, in, Europe, Asia, Anywhere in the world. To see progressions over time for specific regions or countries,  Click on this link,  Check off the country or area of your choice under “Select filters”, and  Click on “Apply Filters”. Depopulating all countries in the world Ranked by Total Fertility Rates Ranked by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per Capita Ranked by GDP per capita and by Total Fertility Rate Inescapable conclusions Economic policies that intensify a country’s poverty will tend to raise the total fertility rate for that country; Economic policies that increase a country’s wealth … Continue reading

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