Female violence receives little social recognition

Female violence, is it it new or just being acknowledged? The Daily Mail published an article in December 2013 that focused on what it sees as a new phenomenon: “Why are so many MEN becoming victims of domestic violence?”

It’s one of Britain’s last remaining taboos, but abuse against men in the home is on the rise

  • More married men suffer abuse from their spouse than married women
  • These days, women move more in men’s worlds
  • They earn and compete with as much aggression as their male colleagues
  • Women are also fast catching up with men in the alcohol stakes

By Antonia Hoyle for The Mail on Sunday

Published: 23:49 GMT, 4 December 2013 | Updated: 23:49 GMT, 4 December 2013

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Centuries of propaganda that promoted the myth of female innocence will not that easily be undone, not with just one newspaper article. Yet, what the article reports on has been known with certainty and academic fairness for many decades. Not all women are by nature violent, and neither are all men, but women are as violent as men and even slightly more so.

The feminists have done much during the past few decades to divert attention away from the reality of the true extent of women’s violence, so much so that the term “domestic violence” has come to designate men’s violence against women. We all know what happens when lies are being presented time and again, all-pervasively. The lies gain credibility and will eventually be accepted as being true. That is a principle of effective propaganda and an established scientific fact.

Unfortunately, the all-pervasive propaganda campaign promoting the myth of female innocence has had sad consequences. Not only has the denial of female violence resulted in the virtually complete denial of the recognition of, and help to, millions of male adult victims of female violence, it has resulted in that children who are the victims of female violence do not receive the recognition, compassion and protection by society that they deserve. Children comprise the largest sector of domestic violence victims that results almost exclusively from female violence in families.

The indicated Daily Mail article is a prime example of that phenomenon. It would have done a far better service if the question in its headline would have been, “Why does female violence not receive social recognition?” It is not sufficient to provide gender balance in discussing intimate partner violence. It is necessary to discuss that violence is part of human nature, that it targets not merely men and women alike, and that it first and foremost is female violence against children in families that makes those children the largest sector of victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is an equal opportunity employer. The problem of domestic violence must be addressed, but it cannot be solved by addressing and vilifying only men who hurt women. We will not break the cycle of violence unless we change our focus of attention from women as victims of male violence to providing help to all victims of domestic violence — boys, girls, men, women, and the elderly — who all are victims of violence by violent humans, men and women.  We will not break the cycle of violence by ignoring more than half of its perpetrators in families and the fact that half or more victims of violence in families are victims of female violence.
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See also Richard Stephens’ analysis of the myth of female innocence with respect to the fairly recent denial (but not all that long ago widely acknowledged prevalence) of the phenomenon of female serial killers.

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