Mother Earth is a concept of the stone age

Today someone asserted:

All is evolution….. for good and bad. We can either accept what is (there is only now) and continue our journey to self-knowledge and healing in order to affect change both within and without and/or we can make an attempt to make some difference in the way we behave in the world, in society and within our family of origin. The first and most important journey has to be within. What will be will be…. we have come too far now in terms of destruction of mother earth to save it, whether in 20 years or 200….. or 2000….

Mother Earth is a pagan concept, a religious idea that grew out of ignorance about what the universe is and how it functions.  It was the first thought that came to people’s minds when they realized their lack of comprehension about the environment and felt forced to have to rationalize that something they could not explain had to be, or had to have been created by, something supernatural.

Today we know that Earth is a planet, that there are other planets that orbit around our sun, that there are other stars that have planets, and we can project with some confidence that most stars in the Universe have one or more planets orbiting around them.

Our environment is doing fine. The water and the air are on average cleaner than they have been since the beginning of the industrial revolution (with some local deviations that are in the process of being addressed).  We are not running out of resources and could easily and affordably feed 500 billion people or more.

As to us having caused the “destruction of mother earth” or us being able “to save it, whether in 20 years or 200….. or 2000,” that is a bit of a conceited assertion.  In the long term, we have little of the power required to cause destruction to the Earth and very little accurate knowledge of how to go about doing so if we did have the power.  The Earth is doing fine with or without us, and the best thing to do when one does not properly understand something is to leave it alone and do nothing.

You don’t have to take my word for any of that, but the evidence does support what I stated here.  There are other people who think the same way as I do, and some of them are considerably better qualified than most of us.  Here are just two of them, George Carlin,   and, even better, Julian Simon, who very convincingly argues and demonstrates that human ingenuity is “The Ultimate Resource” whose ever-increasing power and creativeness has made it powerful, creative and productive enough to solve most and practically every apparently deadly obstacle to progress that “Mother Earth” managed to put into our way throughout human existence: “CAN THE SUPPLY OF NATURAL RESOURCES – ESPECIALLY ENERGY – REALLY BE INFINITE?  YES!

Human ingenuity has proven itself to be the driver of constant innovation, but not only when necessary, as in “necessity is the mother of inventions.”  After all, the stone age did not come to an end because we ran out of rocks.

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