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Mother Earth is a concept of the stone age

Today someone asserted: All is evolution….. for good and bad. We can either accept what is (there is only now) and continue our journey to self-knowledge and healing in order to affect change both within and without and/or we can make an attempt to make some difference in the way we behave in the world, in society and within our family of origin. The first and most important journey has to be within. What will be will be…. we have come too far now in terms of destruction of mother earth to save it, whether in 20 years or 200….. or 2000…. Mother Earth is a pagan concept, a religious … Continue reading

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Some men want no sex – Outcome of female supremacism

Some men want no sex.  The number and proportion of men who don’t want sex is on the rise.  Having sex and chasing after it is for them just not worth the trouble.  That is an inevitable outcome of female supremacism and of the criminalization of men, fathers and of men wanting to have families. Men’s Lives Not Tonight, Honey, I Have a Penis The sitcom stereotype goes like this: Guy is always horny, guy tries to have sex with girl, girl shoots him down. But as Siobhan Rosen tells it, the script’s been flipped. And now there’s an awful lot of young, perfectly sex-capable dudes who won’t get off … Continue reading

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Was “I Remember Babylon” on target?

Update 2019 02 14: Inserted link to ‘I Remember Babylon’. and appended addendum. Arthur C. Clarke wrote a visionary short story, “I Remember Babylon” (published in Playboy in March 1960), that was an excellent prophesy of how and why the re-engineering of humanity’s moral and cultural standards was to be undertaken.  His prophesy has come to pass…and then some! Here is a link to Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘I Remember Babylon’: Google has been around for 19 years now, Facebook for only eleven and Wikipedia for 15. I have been around a lot longer; so have many other people, and, believe me — in case you are not aware of it … Continue reading

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