Female innocence debunked, feminist myth

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Pornography attracts more women than men

Female innocence is a propagandist, feminist myth.  Some years ago, at the time of the beginning of the Internet, when personal computers had come on the market, and when the first Internet browsers had begun to replace bulletin-board chat rooms accessed by e-mail (in about 1990), I read that a third of romance novels contain lengthy, detailed descriptions of lust, bondage, sex and rape that are, by any definition, simply pornographic, with much of that being nothing other than hardcore pornography. The article containing that observation also stated that romance novels comprise a third of all paper-back books sold and attract an almost entirely female readership.

The source of the research backing up those claims escapes my memory, but the article also stated that romance novels and the porn they contain were far more popular with women than pornographic imagery is with men.

It stands to reason that, now that Internet devices are so much more ubiquitous, 1.) the differences between what sort of pornography holds attractions for women and for men have become blurred, and that furthermore, 2.) the boundaries of the extent to which pornography attracts men or women have shifted, making assertions of female innocence even more precarious, because they can be so easily debunked.

A November 15, 2013 Daily Mail article by Katy Winter appears to bear that out:

The Daily Mail article states:

It’s not just men who watch porn! Over half of women regularly watch sexy movies (and a daring 40% admit to making their own)

  • Over half of women watch pornographic videos on their own
  • 9% of these say they watch porn everyday
  • Women generally favour soft porn (76%) or role play (47%)
  • Most women (96%) have watched with a partner and say it improves sex
  • Making home videos is an increasingly popular trend for couples

The article states furthermore:

More frequently thought of as a naughty pleasure for men – or obsession for adolescent boys — porn has traditionally been a taboo subject for women.
However it seems that behind closed doors more women than expected are indulging in pornography.
A new survey reveals that over half of women (55 per cent) watch videos with sexual content on their own at least once a month – with a further 40 per cent admitting to switching it on weekly.

It seems that the assertion that “porn has traditionally been a taboo subject for women” is incorrect, and that it would be far more accurate to state that it was taboo to mention that sexual matters and especially pornography hold at least as much interest for women as they do for men.  Still, society wishes to persist with believing the myth of female innocence.  That is the nature of things.  Nevertheless, women and men are far more alike than they differ, and why should that be much different from the way it is with, say, sheep:

An interesting peculiarity that we discovered was that it is actually the ewes who actively pursue the ram to give themselves an opportunity to be bred.  That fact made it necessary for us to arrange the corrals in our yard so that the boards were nailed to the side of the fence posts on which the ewes spent their time eating and socializing.  Otherwise they would actually push the boards off to get to the rams and mess up our breeding program.  So much for the passive sexuality of the females, eh?
The mating behaviour of teen-aged girls (and even of fully grown adult women) appears to be much the same as that of ewes, although the feminists claim that it is all the fault of the men and boys.  By the way, cattle display basically the same behaviour. All domesticated mammals apparently do, except humans — they say.  But then it is questionable from my observations whether that is true, or if it isn’t, whether people are truly domesticated.  What do you think?  If you should have any doubts about that, spend a few hours in a mall where teenagers hang out and observe their mating behaviour.  Honestly, I could swear that they behave like sheep in clothing.  I can tell without making any mistakes what sheep-like mating behaviour looks like, regardless of how it is dressed up….
More: https://fathersforlife.org/politics_of_sex/sheepman.htm#Sexuality  (link to: smartphone-friendly version of that article)

As to pornography in romance novels and its attraction for women, Wikipedia has this to say:

In North America, romance novels are the most popular literary genre, comprising almost 55% of all paperback books sold in 2004. The genre is also popular in Europe and Australia, and romance novels appear in 90 languages. Most of the books, however, are written by authors from English-speaking countries, leading to an Anglo-Saxon perspective in the fiction. Despite the popularity and widespread sales of romance novels, the genre has attracted significant derision, skepticism and criticism. Romance erotica seems to be on the rise as more women explore this new subgenre. Erotica is a term used to describe scenes in the novel that are risqué but not pornographic.
More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romance_novel

Well, even Wikipedia makes it appear that the myth of female innocence evaporates on closer examination.  It may be that the term erotica is more likely used in that context because purists would be given to insist that, by definition, pornography is more accurately pictorial or visual than it is textual.  It is stretching things to the absurd in trying to maintain the myth of female innocence, when it is implied that reading about it is supposedly clean and looking at it filthy.  Still, the claim that romance-novel erotica is a new sub-genre is erroneous.

It is good to know what the Daily Mail article identifies, but it is important to realize that the sort of pornography described in the article is only a small part of women’s interest in pornography.  It pales in comparison to the fascination that pornography (a.k.a. erotica) as described in romance novels holds for women.

That has been known since Lady Chatterley’s Lover was published and  became a run-away best-seller (in 1928 ) — even since long before that.

Now that we are ready to admit the extent of women’s sexuality in relation to pornography, how much longer will it be until society openly admits that the vast majority of the sexual abuse of children is being committed by women, as much as it is true and accepted that women commit the vast majority of serious physical and even fatal abuse and neglect of children?

The reality of women’s sexual abuse of children exists.  Here is one aspect of that:

Women sexual predators
Posted on February 4, 2011 by Walter Schneider
Your children  are safe at school?

WorldNetDaily Exclusive


The big list: Female teachers with students

Most comprehensive account on Internet of women predators on campus….

More: https://blog.fathersforlife.org/2011/02/04/women-sexual-predators/

Let’s wait and see how much longer it will be until even the feminists become openly honest about the hoax of the myth of female innocence.

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