Men should grow up

The Worcester News advises that men should grow up.  It published an interesting article, called Men – it’s time to grow up, Tuesday 13 January 2015, by Ian Craig.

The article begins with:

WHILE the rise of internet bullying, online stalking and cyber fraud are well documented, there’s another dark side of the internet which only seems to have arisen in recent times.

The Men’s Rights Activists movement – a group of entirely white, young middle class men who are under the impression feminists have somehow taken over western society – has spread like a particularly annoying rash over usergenerated sites such as Facebook and Reddit.

While the article by Ian Craig is to some extent a disjointed jumble of opinions and of unspecified, unfinished accusations, it does contain some truths. Unfortunately, the latter are also disjointed and largely incomplete. Not only that, some are glaring untruths (more about that in the footnote to this commentary). Nevertheless, I suspect that the finished version of the article that the Worcester News published is possibly a heavily redacted one, and that some of the unfinished and incomplete appearance of the published product and, it is hoped, largely a result of the redacting that was done. Of course, the views expressed in the article appear to have been heavily influenced by the fact that the author is at least a pro-feminist man, if not worse.

Still, the article contains some truths of which we can expect quite likely to see more in the next little while, for as long as some coherence makes itself felt in western societies. What is not being said in the article is that civilized behaviour is only a thin veneer that coats and hides much fundamental human savagery.

The article states that there is discrimination against men and alludes that some, or a lot, of that has been brought about by feminism. The article does not say that much of that happened because men have been marginalized, or how much of it puts western civilization into danger because men were removed from being in positions of controlling influence throughout many, perhaps all, sectors and institutions of society.

The article says nothing about how important men’s influence was in bringing civilization about and to the level of greatness and functioning it had reached a short time ago. It most definitely says nothing about that without the leadership of men in all sectors and institutions of society, civilization will quite simply rot and collapse.

My observations of discussions by MRAs (an of those by MGTOW — Men Going Their Own Way) on Facebook concur with those by the author of the article, but my conclusions differ somewhat. The author recommends that men should grow up, and I agree with that. Over and above that, and the article states nothing about it, growing up takes time. However, it is an absolute necessity for men to do it, so as to regain the maturity that will enable them to resume positions of leadership and actually lead western society once more, to re-take the leadership from which they have been forced to abdicate. There is not enough time for that to happen. Chances are that the West will collapse before society can be saved from collapse.

We will run out of time. Camille Paglia once said that, “[i]f civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.” True, but now that civilization has been largely taken out of men’s hands, it is unavoidable that we will find ourselves once again living in grass huts.

The “dark side of the internet which only seems to have arisen in recent times,” and manifests itself through “usergenerated sites such as Facebook and Reddit” could not have done so at any time before, because Facebook has been around only for 11 years and Reddit since October 2006.

Let there be no mistake. Facebook and Reddit were not instrumental in creating the emotions showing themselves largely on account of large hordes of smart-phone users (also a quite recent phenomenon). Those hostile feelings predate Internet browsers and even Internet bulletin boards. The hostile feelings are a direct consequence of, and a reaction to, the rise and spread of modern feminism, largely because men and ever increasing numbers of women have had it with feminism.

The assertion expressed in the second paragraph of the article is patently wrong.  I say that as someone who has been active in the men’s rights movement for more than 30 years.  Only a small fraction of MRAs is white.  The vast majority is coloured.  The racial and demographic sectors of MRAs more or less match the distribution of smart phones throughout the world.

As to MRAs being exclusively members of the middle class, ownership of smartphones is not limited to the middle class, and the dissatisfaction with the impact of feminism is being expressed by men of the whole social spectrum throughout the world. The phenomenon of MGTOW (men going their own way) affects not merely western society but has been a social trend in other nations (e. g.: Japan, where it had been recognized as a serious threat to Japan’s well-being and to the continued existence of its population since long before anyone in the West even thought of giving it the label MGTOW).

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